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Meyer Riegger Rosa Barba - Inside a Magnified Picture 01.05.2015 - 20.06.2015 Time game By Raimar Stange At the centre of the solo exhibition "Inside a Magnified Picture" by Rosa Barba in the Berliner Galerie Meyer Riegger stands her film "Time as Perspective", 2012. The film, shown for the first time in Germany, poses questions in such reduced and concentrated-redundant language about the relationship of time, space and the linguistic illusions of both. The Galerie Meyer Riegger has turned itself into a cinema, darkened and furnished with a large screen and auditorium. The film "Time as Perspective" is very convincing. Filmed from a bird's eye point of view, an enormous area in the Texan desert is to be seen on which drilling rigs carry out their work pumping rhythmically. On the one hand, the film is interrupted by close-ups of the pumps, on the other by text inserts. "When an illusion ends distance doesn't longer exist" is to be read there, or: "Redefining signs". The landscape set in the moving picture by the Italian artist has indeed been calculated into a drawing field through the interaction of text and the shots of the camera's stoical journey. So the film has been relocated into a diffuse timelessness with its slightly brown tones and the photocopied technique which looks neither modern nor antiquated here and which is permanently irritating. Meyer Riegger 10969 Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 235 Tel: +49 (0)30 315 665 80 Fax: +49 (0)30 315 665 81 www.meyer-riegger.de Opening hours: Tue - Sat, Wed - Sun 11-18 hours Künstlerhaus Wien Mats Staub: 21 – Reminiscences on growing up 17.05.2015 - 21.06. 2015 Remembrances of the future By Susanne Rohringer The video installation "21 – Reminiscences on growing up" by the 43 year-old Swiss artist, Mats Staub, is presented at this year’s exhibition of the Vienna Festival - a very fitting addition to the theatrical emphasis of the Festival's program. In more than 10 vertical video screens, and against a black background, Staub shows interview partners of differing ages who relate incidences that took place during their lives. The protagonists come from German-speaking countries, from Johannesburg or London, or speak French. Every one of them are asked questions relating to remembrances of when they were 21 years old. Straub, who also works as a dramaturge, helps himself to a theatrical trick which makes these interviews so powerful and sometimes also disturbing: he takes about an hour's interview material and edits it down into an 8-minute long sound image. He then plays this sequence to the protagonists and films their reaction. In these video sequences, we see how those interviewed listen to their heavily edited narrations. We see their mimic of astonishment, laughing until tears of emotion run down their cheeks. And we hear their closing commentary on the description of their lives as heard by them. For this project, Staub spoke to more than a hundred people. He describes it as a long-term project with which he has been on the road since 2012 in Frankfurt, Weimar, Belgrade or Basel. Staub has succeeded in producing a fascinating panorama of differing life stories which are not beholden to psychology or oral history. Straub uses a little bit of all these methods in his work. But essentially, the creative element of the author is what remains – it intervenes dramaturgically in these stories. This determines the rhythm of the video installation. There only remains the question of the author's motive. Why would someone create such a comprehensive compilation of life? Künstlerhaus Wien 1010 Vienna, Karlsplatz 5 Tel: 01 587 96 63 Fax: 01 587 96 36 email: office@k-haus.at www.k-haus.at Opening hours: daily 10 – 18 hours, Thu: 10 - 21 hours Museum Liaunig Wirklichkeiten – Painting against the grain 26.04. 2015 - 31.10.2015 More obsession please! By Margareta Sandhofer To create a successful extension of his self-created iconic architecture is quite a challenge. But the architect team, querkraft, has taken the hurdle. The Museum Liaunig was opened in 2008. Now, due to a lack of exhibition and depot space, additional space had to be created. Since April 2015, a further 2,000 square metres of exhibition space has been presented to the public. The sovereign pitch of the first large exhibition hall is stylishly and meaningfully complemented by the complex structure of the new room. New internal connection routes and subterranean facilities have been created. In her characteristic handwriting, Esther Stocker has succeeded in a dynamic creation of the, artistically difficult to master, tubular passageway which includes the sculpture depot. The additional presentation of the remarkable collection of portrait miniatures as well as a glass collection in newly designed components unfortunately presents itself in confusing disharmony through the boring and insensitive array of rather ugly vitrines. On the other hand, the main exhibition offers an impressive and also art historically striking contribution with the, to date, most comprehensive presentation of paintings and drawings of the artist grouping "Wirklichkeiten". In 1968, under this title, Otto Breicha exhibited the individualistic positions of Wolfgang Herzig, Martha Jungwirth, Kurt Kocherscheidt, Peter Pongratz, Franz Ringel and Robert Zeppel-Sperl in the Wiener Secession. For the first time in the museum's history, items on loan were exhibited in "Wirklichkeiten". The same goes for the special exhibition showing Sean Scully’s paintings from the past ten years. Thus, this year, an explicit concentration on painting awaits the visitor. The virility of the collection not only lies in the plethora and breadth of the cumulative Austrian contemporary art, but above all in the passionate subjectivity of the stock and in the palpable pleasure of exhibiting one’s own property. Next year, the planned sculpture park will be opened and perhaps the momentary absence of obsession will then break through even more vehemently. Museum Liaunig 9155 Neuhaus/Suha, Neuhaus 41 Tel: +43 (0)4356 211 15 email: office@museumliaunig.at www.museumliaunig.at Opening hours: Wed – Sat: 10 – 18 hours

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