070415: Nolan Judin: Cluj Connection – 3D

Nolan Judin Cluj Connection – 3D 07.02. 2015 – 11.04.2015 Black humour in colour By Raimar Stange Sculptures and installations created by eight artists who studied in the Romanian city of Cluj are currently presenting their work in the Judin Gallery in Berlin. A church dignitary in his white robe is lying on the ground, hit by a black meteorite. The tragic-comical sculpture “The end of the Five-Year-Plan” (2004) by Ciprian Muresan is typical for the exhibition “Cluj Connection 3D” - either one is gobsmacked at the sight of the three-dimensional works assembled here or, to a certain extent, conversely, the underlying drastic tragedy makes you laugh out loud. Muresan's sculpture is clearly a variation of Mauricio Cattelans scandalous work “La Nona Ora” (1999), showing Pope John Paul II struck by a “solid object of cosmic origin”, and replaces him with Patriarch Teoctist. The sculpture by Gabriella Vangas “No Secondary Thought” (2011), a bow and arrow made of coloured Lego bricks, is at the same time aggressive and also playful. And Micea Cantor’s series of “Future Gifts” (2014) is, at least at first, amusing: a ribbon made of marble and concrete wrapped around nothing – obviously announcing: our future will be extremely difficult… The gallery visitor is welcomed by an installation that was also created by Cantor: the “Hypothetical Geriatric Selfie” (2015). A star protruding out of a wall – a “decrepid” Soviet star – serves as a background for selfies that visitors to art exhibits increasingly enjoy taking. In a nutshell: the exhibition is fun. Nolan Judin 10785 Berlin, Potsdamer Straße 83 Tel: +49 30 39 40 48 40 Fax: +49 30 39 40 48 420 email: info@nolan-judin.de http://www.nolan-judin.com Opening hours: Tue - Sat 11-18 h

Galerie Judin
10785 Berlin, Potsdamer Straße 83
Tel: +49 30 39 40 48 40, Fax: +49 30 39 40 48 420
Email: info@galeriejudin.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Sa 11-18 h

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