070415: Temporäre Halle für Kunst: SERENDIPIDITY. Art between program and coincidence

Temporäre Halle für Kunst SERENDIPIDITY. Art between program and coincidence 21.03.2015 – 14.06.2015 Discoverers and Successors By Goschka Gawlik Linz has gained yet another programmatic art initiative. In November 2014, the Casa Roja was activated as the Temporäre Halle für Kunst (Temporary Art Hall), in which predominantly the history of Austrian art and intermittently also that of its neighbours will be exhibited three times a year. The initiators of this undertaking – curator Angela Steif and the artist Lorenz Estermann - mainly focus on abstract and concrete art over the course of the last decades up to the present day. In addition to artists of the 1980s, including Peter Kogler and Gerwald Rockenschaub, Serendipity. Art between Program and Coincidence presents works by Marc Adrian, Otto Beckmann, Herbert W. Franke, Kurt Ingerl and the progressive Czech artist Zdenék Sykora, as well as members of the young generation, such as Tina Frank and Lia. The pieces shown form a diverse mixture of art, artifacts, films and documentations of past art happenings. While motion-dominated visualization and new materials and technologies prevail in the works created by the pioneers of computer art, which aimed at transferring the viewer into the mood of a future world, the younger generation tends to focus on the erosion of the present day and their playful instinct. Tina Frank concentrates on the rhythmic presentation of music and film sequences. Lia focuses on the achievements of generative aesthetics. Her newest work, Filament Sculptures, is the result of her emancipatory way of working with 3D technology, in which the artist tricks the computer into using her software. The small objects are produced by controlled coincidence and are made of black synthetic fibres. They resemble butterflies and look real as well as fictitious – and on account of this ambiguity and the random cue they tend to implore museum exhibits rather than the future. Temporare Halle für Kunst 4020 Linz, Anzengruberstrasse 8

Temporäre Halle für Kunst
4020 Linz, Anzengruberstraße 8

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