070415: KW Institute for Contemporary Art: Channa Horwitz – Counting in Eight Moving by Color

KW Institute for Contemporary Art Channa Horwitz – Counting in Eight Moving by Color 15.03.2015 – 25.05.2015 Manically precise By Raimar Stange Channa Horwitz, born 1932, died two years ago, was first truly discovered in the latter years. As a conceptual artist, where manic obsession is coupled with almost mathematical precision in her work, she appears to present an interesting alternative to a neo-conceptual art which has developed more and more into pure art on art and rejoices in the self-love of her own playful intelligence – in the current large solo exhibition by Pierre Bismuth in the Kunsthalle Vienna, for example, this precarious but pecuniary lucrative development is clearly to be read. The quality of her – at first glance – exceedingly concentrated-minimalistic art can now be seen in the Berlin art works, in light of the first comprehensive institutional solo exhibition of Channa Horwitz. Channa Horwitz's abstract notations, based on simple visual preconditions, such as the combination of the geometric forms of circle, square and oblong which, for example, are put together in well-calculated programs in the "LANGUAGE SERIES" (1964 – 2011), and in the process, similar to a language, develop their own grammar according to pre-formulated rules made by the artist. All the same, Horwitz worked for 47 years on this minimalistic-conceptual work group. Consequence or boredom? A question that comes up again and again. Mind you, it's approximately the same with her series "SONAKINATOPOKRAPHY" (1968 – 2012), with which the Californian artist occupied herself for 44 years. These "tone-movement-notations" which try to visualise rhythm, space and time on the principle of rigidly defined, but expertly varied mathematical matrices, also serve as templates for dance, sound and poetry performances. These notations mainly look like pretty, colourful scientific diagrams. The art-lifestyle magazine, "Monopol" then promptly speaks favourably about a "great aesthetic attraction" – and thus, involuntarily, puts the problem of this art in a nutshell: ultimately, it's not much more than an ambitious, but less necessary, formal-pretty aestheticism. And that's exactly why it currently fits so well into the increasingly commodified art scene that also aims at becoming de-politicised. KW Institute for Contemporary Art 10117 Berlin, Auguststraße 69 Tel: 0049 (0) 30. 24 34 59 0 Fax: 0049 (0) 30. 24 34 59 99 E-mail: info@kw-berlin.de http://www.kw-berlin.de Opening times: Tue - Sun 12:00 - 19:00, Thu 12:00 - 21:00

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