090315: Galerie Krobath Anna Meyer – To be or online

Galerie Krobath Anna Meyer – To be or online 08.02.2015 – 22.04.2015 O2 or to be by Raimar Stange Anna Meyer's painting has, in the last years, gathered in charisma, it shines, as it were, from the inside out and literally burns under the eyes looking at it. But the reason for this "burnability" - is not the expressive, intensified, occasionally also jazzy-garish strength of colour of most of the large format pictures alone, but above all the explosive power of their content. In her solo exhibition "To be or online", freely titled from William Shakespeare, in the Berliner Galerie Krobath, Anna Meyer deals with the possible loss of reality which is associated with an increasing virtualization of our lives: e.g. social media, Google and mobile phone, which the artist, however rarely uses 1:1 – thank heavens, Anna Meyer, uses a kind of hyper-realism instead of plump realism, which, additionally, are loaded with intelligent text. Only at a second glance, does one see the spider-like drone on its more or less clandestine flight through the night over the Danube in “Drohnenland” (2014). On the other hand, one immediately recognises the “Badeschiff” in the centre of the picture, the brightly lit traditional Urania building including the observatory on the right hand side as well as a psychedelically colourful floodlit insurance building, well known in Vienna, on the left hand side of the picture. Historic as well as post-moderne reality seem created here for a photogenic surveillance which is not obviously seen any more as a problem but as an inexpensive chance for cheap self-marketing in real time. Also shown in the exhibition are smaller, three-dimensional architecture models which can also be partly seen in the pictures. As a “trinket version of the world" (Nippesversion der Welt” - Günther Anders), these works also convincingly picture the dissolution of what was once thought of as a material world. Galerie Krobath 10117 Berlin, Marienstrasse 10 E-mail: office@galeriekrobath.at http://www.galeriekrobath.at Opening hours: Wed-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-18 hours

Galerie Krobath
10117 Berlin, Marienstrasse 10
Email: office@galeriekrobath.at
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 11-18, Sa 11-18 h

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