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Georg Kargl Fine Arts Schneesalon 16.01.2015 – 07.03. 2015 White dazzle and empty spaces by Susanne Rohringer In the New Year, Georg Kargl is showing the "Snow Salon" (Schneesalon) in his box, a subtle artistic homage to the theme of snow. The gallerist begins his presentation with a photograph by the Czech artist, Jitka Hanzlova, who is presently represented in a solo exhibition in the Galerie Kargl. A landscape photograph with a high horizon of Hanzlova is to be seen In the Snow Salon. Shrubbery and blades of grass protrude from the blanket of snow. The landscape melts into the sky beyond recognition in a diffuse, white-blue light. This white dazzle, particularly dreaded on ski tours, can also be seen during January in the Mediterranean, where the sfumato line of the sea's horizon and the heavens is described as "Carta Bianca". The landscape painter, Friedrich Beck, works with a similarly high horizon; in 1903, in one of his own styles, he painted a winter picture in white, brown and blue tones. The picture, in quadratic form like the pictures of Gustav Klimt, conveys a familiar winter picture to us through its details and artistic ability. In this connection, it can also be called the small form of Beck's contemporary in 1903, Ernst Stöhr. Here, too, we recognize the familiar face of winter. Georg Kargl could continue this series of Old Masters right up to Peter Bruegel's 1565 famous "Return of the Hunters". But the deliberations of contemporaries on this theme also interests him. A continuation of the winter's blue tones is also to be found in the large format works of the American Dan Asher, who photographed drifting ice in Greenland and in the Antarctic in 1998. The American artist, Mark Dion, photographed stuffed polar bears from museum plans. Leaves by Herbert Hinteregger, which highlight questions about technical instructions in skiing – probably from the 50's – are also part of the exhibition. The different techniques, and the – in western Austria often widespread opinion of "skiing as ideology" – is thereby called into question. Also similarly ironic is the loop by Liddy Scheffknecht, who, in her film "Whiteout", leaves an empty space in the racetrack instead of the downhill skier. And lastly, the thermos flask from the 60's is indicated in the middle of the room. "Schnee von gestern" (literally: yesterday’s snow, but mainly used in German as an idiom meaning “that’s old hat”) is inside it, namely a melted snowball from 2013. Georg Kargl and Christian Weber staged this flask as a reference to Miklos Erdély's "Last Year`s Snow" as a symbol for the passing of a – for us – familiar winter and its representations. Georg Kargl Fine Arts 1040 Vienna, Schleifmühlgasse 5 Tel: +43 1 585 41 99 Fax: +43 1 /585 41 99-9 email: office@georgkargl.com http://www.georgkargl.com Opening hours: Tue - Fri 11-19 hours, Sat 11-16 hours

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