120115: Galerie nächst St. Stephan: Manfred Pernice – Tins, Cassettes,Stuff

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Manfred Pernice – Tins, Cassettes,Stuff 19.11.2014 – 22.01.2015 Staged fuzziness By Daniela Gregori Beyond a commercial success, is there any better feedback illustrating the success of a gallery exhibition than the fact that the people immediately retuned again on the day following the opening? Today, one is the fifth or sixth visitor who returned after yesterday's opening to view the exhibition in peace and quiet, said the gallery's employees with a chuckle. Apparently you aren't the only one thinking you want to be alone in Manfred Pernice's wonderful exhibition "Tins, Cassettes, Stuff". Where possible, and unobserved, one wants to lift the lid on the one or other tin and check the contents in which little booklets by Joyce Carol Oates are tumbling around, whose descriptions are occasionally comparable to the succinctly effective arrangements. Deep in thought, one observes the cassettes, interlinks the loose paraphernalia or diverse printed forms into narratives. The artist, born in 1963 in Hildesheim, explains that his works are somewhat borderline. They don't adhere to a particular barrier; they lack exact contour. For the exhibition in the Galerie nächst St. Stephan , he said, "this organization and the relationship between the exhibited objects are optional systems which suggest open dialogue for the observer as a (brief) activation." After a predominant amount of "tins" in the first room of the gallery, "cassettes" in the second, one is delighted to thoroughly take "activation" at its word in the third room and to try the bicycle or other "stuff", everything consolidated under the title Bismarck. That may seem to range from playful to arbitrary, but it's by no means so. Manfred Pernice is an artist who wholeheartedly comes to grips seriously with central questions pertaining to sculpture. It's all about presentation and production, also about forms of dealing with things from the side of the recipient who then wants to peep under the lid of the tin. And finally, it's about positioning in the room and – through colourful geometric forms painted on the wall - its definite limitations. Yet, in spite of the most diverse associations and possibilities of the variation of the individual groupings, the whole presentation experiences its limiting cohesion through these almost parenthetical markings. Good that one came again…. Galerie nächst St. Stephan 1010 Vienna, Grünangergasse 1/2 Tel: +43 1 5121266 Fax: +43 1 5134307 email: galerie@schwarzwaelder.at http://www.schwarzwaelder.at Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11 – 18, Sat 11 - 16

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder
1010 Wien, Grünangerg. 1/2
Tel: +43 1 5121266, Fax: +43 1 5134307
Email: galerie@schwarzwaelder.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr: 12-18h
Sa: 11-16h

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