011214 : Galerie Krobath - Gerold Miller

Galerie Krobath Gerold Miller 19.11.2014 – 10.01.2015 In the eye of the artist By Susanne Rohringer For the first time in five years, the large painted objects created by the Berlin-born artist Gerold Miller are exhibited again in Vienna - in the Galerie Krobath. On the occasion of this exhibition, the artist constructed a model of the gallery rooms and designed ideas corresponding with the venue’s conditions. Upon entering the exhibition, there is an almost square picture object on one of the sidewalls. A matted black margin is set around the square-shaped core of black, shiny colour. The shiny coating mirrors the movements of the visitors walking around the exhibition. Thus, the viewer is seen in the “eye of the painting”. Gerold Miller’s work is based on the knowledge of old masters and he transposes these findings into his paintings. He mainly focuses on 20th century art. Ranging from Malevich to the colour-field paintings by Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko or Ellsworth Kelly – Miller’s main interest concentrates on painting-related problems, in particular, their reduction and solution. He cannot deny his sculptural background. The medium he uses is usually a square metal corpus, giving the colour a massive object-like foundation and thus more weight and meaning. In his most recent works in the series “Monoform”, presented at the Galerie Krobath, Miller shows that he is able to playfully break this up. To do so, he mounts two same-sized coloured aluminium ledges, thereby insinuating a painting. The ledges function as imaginative (painting) borders. One is tempted to hang a further painting onto the resulting void – a painting within a painting. In all, the exhibition is a convincing presentation of the artist’s most recent works. A colour intensive orange-red palette, seen just a few years ago in Nikolaus Ruzicska, is reduced to blue, white, grey and black. This intensifies and shadows the monochrome colour coating. The medium is almost made to disappear. Enjoy. Galerie Krobath 1010 Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 9 Tel: +43 1 585 74 70 Fax: +43 1 585 74 72 email: office@galeriekrobath.at http://www.galeriekrobath.at/ Opening times: Tue – Fri: 11 - 18, Sat: 11-15

Galerie Krobath
1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 9
Tel: +43 1 585 74 70, Fax: +43 1 585 74 72
Email: office@galeriekrobath.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr: 11-18h
Sa: 11-15h

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