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Galerie bei der Albertina Alfred Klinkan 15.09.2014 – 29.11.2014 Kunst-Stücke: Early still lifes By Daniela Gregori “Good Klinkan, during his short life he never had difficulty with discovering, with inventing”, says Josef Mikl, artist and Klinkan’s teacher, in the catalogue “Bilder aller Art” (Images of all kinds). Alfred Klinkan died 1994 at the age of 44 – an artist who, from the start, in terms of his enjoyment of colour, fabulating and formulating followed his “own way . One might remember the 80s, when everyone – constantly challenged to arrange everything in a certain order – attempted to see Klinkan as a link between the “wild young” (Junge Wilde) and the “fantastic realists” (Phantastische Realisten). Three decades later this can be perceived as rather absurd, not only from a stylistic point of view. To mark the twentieth anniversary of his death, the Galerie bei der Albertina devotes both an exhibition and a publication to Klinkan, offering insight on the artist’s early works. Long before the well-known chimeras and mythical creatures, hommages to colleagues from another generation, even prior to the Otto-Mauer Prize, which Klinkan was the first to receive, there is an oeuvre that differs completely from his later works. His first series of works are titled “Krampusbilder”, longish format canvasses which could have just as well been flags or advertising posters, viewed en-passant. Then followed the so-called Strickbilder (knitted paintings), which seem associated with childlike memory and logic - both formally as well as regarding their wealth of experience: an essay with questionable content that appeared to be handwritten by an elementary school student, a slalom course including the advertising banner in the finish area, or a pair of socks that had found its way on the clothes line. Socks, washcloth, gloves, a pair of skis – Klinkan deals with a childlike object-world ironically, and sometimes ambiguously. In a gesture of pop - he doesn’t invent, he discovers. Galerie bei der Albertina 1010 Vienna, Lobkowitzplatz 1 Tel: +43 1 513 14 16 Fax: 01/513 76 74 email: zetter@galerie-albertina.at http://www.kunstnet.at/bei-der-albertina Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10-18, Sat 10-13

Galerie bei der Albertina - Zetter
1010 Wien, Lobkowitzplatz 1
Tel: +43 1 513 14 16, Fax: 01/513 76 74
Email: zetter@galerie-albertina.at
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 10-18, Sa 10-13

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