031114: Galerie Elisabeth und Klaus Thoman: curated by_vienna Max Hollein: Little Nemo

Galerie Elisabeth und Klaus Thoman curated by_vienna Max Hollein: Little Nemo 03.10.2014 - 08.11.2014 Sleep without reason By Margareta Sandhofer It's a bold endeavour to completely paper out the two large rooms of the Galerie Thoman with comics. For the topic "The Century of the Bed" in the context of curated by_vienna, Max Hollein drew on 24 cartoons published in the USA as "Little Nemo in Slumberland" by Winsor McCay at the beginning of the 20th century. Here, the surreal dream sequences of little Nemo can be followed in an enlarged format. Included in this exhibition are works by Erwin Wurm, Bruno Gironcoli, Julia Bornefeld and Franz West. In actual fact, Hollein curated two exhibitions in the Galerie Thoman: by setting a historic example of the topic Century of the Bed in the adjacent gallery with just two pieces of art - with Walter Pichler’s Schlafsaal (Dormitory) (1968) and Hans Hollein’s (Max’s father) Freudcouch (1984). In his work, a bed is one of Walter Pichler’s most important motives. The Schlafsaal, which consists of three especially equipped beds covered with silk, attempts to show that society can be influenced and formed by art, architecture and design. At that time, these were utopian ideas which have now become reality. Integrating a world receiver (Weltempfänger) into the mattress is remarkably real – in those days it was a vision and today its precarious reality. The final element in the equation is Little Nemo's story. The bed is a surrogate for sleep, the positioning of unusual circumstances and as a resource of creative ideas, traumas and hopeful cogitations. Galerie Elisabeth und Klaus Thoman 1010 Vienna, Seilerstätte 7 Tel: + 43 1 512 08 40 email: galerie@galeriethoman.com http://www.galeriethoman.com Opening hours: Tue - Fri 12-18 hours, Sat 11-16 hours

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