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Albertina Arnulf Rainer Retrospective 03.09.2014 – 06.01.2015 Hieronymus in his study By Susanne Rohringer On the occasion of his 85th birthday, the Albertina is presenting an inspiring retrospective of the Austrian artist’s works. The two curators, Antonia Hoerschelmann from the Albertina and Helmut Friedel from the Frieder Burda Museum, the co-producer of this exhibition, arranged an exhibition well worth seeing. The “crucial points” of the graphic beginnings, finger-paint works, painted over photographs and large-format painted over panel paintings, which, with the help of dividing walls, form a kind of exhibition parcours, offer the viewer a perspective as well as unusual insights. It is this kind of presentation that provides an unimpeded view on the successful and multifaceted life of an artist. At the beginning of the exhibition, the so-called “Kruzifikationen” (cruciform shapes) dating from the 1950s, are shown, which were soon to be followed by his “overpaintings” on large-format canvases. The first of these works, which oftentimes took years to complete, are on display at the current Albertina exhibition. Rainer also continuously deals with the topic of death. Not only the overpainted death masks from the 1970s or the “Kistenwalhalla” (1980/88) are shown at this exhibition, but also the “Hiroshima” series (1982). The series is based on 72 black-and-white photographs of the city after it was destroyed by an atomic bomb. They are images of destruction, corpses, misery and filth. . Works that Rainer completed between 2002 until 2014 are shown at the end of the exhibition. They include large formats in which various colour panels – similar to textile panels seem to “caress” the canvas. The palette is refreshed, the colours are lighter, friendlier and more gauzy. In his later works, Arnulf Rainer has apparently reached more cheerful solutions to his artistic questions. May this lightness continue to accompany him. Albertina 1010 Vienna, Albertinaplatz 1 Tel: +43 1 534 83 -0 Fax: +43 1 533 76 97 email: info@albertina.at http://www.albertina.at Opening times: Daily 10-18 hours, Wed: 10-21 hours

1010 Wien, Albertinaplatz 1
Tel: +43 1 534 83 -0, Fax: +43 1 533 76 97
Email: info@albertina.at
Öffnungszeiten: Tägl. 10-18h, Mi 10-21 h

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