250814: Fotohof: Aglaia Konrad – The House (exhibited)

Fotohof Aglaia Konrad – The House (exhibited) 25.07.2014 – 13.09.2014 Exciting architecture By Nina Schedlmayer It's unbelievable just how exciting a film about architecture can be: Aglaia Konrad's work "The House", develops an undercurrent that you don't really want to elude. The installation, which appears unwieldy, and which Konrad developed for the exhibition together with the architect, Kris Kimpe, and which refers to the film's protagonist, is entered through circular doors; one sits on jagged stools, exactly as they appear in the building with the same title. It concerns the house van Wassenhove which was built in 1974 by the architect, Juliaan Lampens, in Belgium's Sint-Martens-Latem, which is mainly made of concrete and wood. The camera moves slowly over the surfaces, scans them; the vision is directed over staircases, room dividers, wall partitions and curtains, up to the skylights and beyond, to proliferous plants and a bird bath. Suddenly, the room appears in a blue light, the grain of the wood forms a contrast to the raw, grainy structure of the exposed concrete; a cylinder enters the field of vision but its contents are, however, not revealed; seating accommodation is ranged beneath an overhanging concrete element; the garden is reflected in a high window and literally transports the plants into the room's interior. Moss grows on the walls, spiders' webs are stretched over the roof – it is that (decaying) Moderne, whose artistic compilation seems, in the meantime, to be passé. The room itself disintegrates in this work, one can never capture it completely even when one inevitably begins to construct it in one's head. Simultaneously, the absence of human traces creates something spooky – will anyone every move in here again? You don't necessarily have to know the theoretical concept behind it all (the canvas is "tactile surface and membrane which is neither safe nor transparent because it reveals the cinematographic composition strategies secluded within it", writes Anna Manubens), so that much may be garnered from Konrad's work. Fotohof 5020 Salzburg, Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3 Tel: +43 662 84 92 96 Fax: +43 662 84 92 96-4 E-mail: fotohof@fotohof.at http://www.fotohof.at Opening hours: Tue - Fri 15-19, Sat 11-15 hours

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