300614: Stift Klosterneuburg - Hier und Jetzt /Hic et Nunc

Stift Klosterneuburg Hier und Jetzt /Hic et Nunc 25.05.2014 – 16.11.2014 Irritation with intervention By Nina Schedlmayer For centuries, the church was one of the most important commissioners for artists, however, today, their relationship can at best be described as ambivalent. But time and again, individual clerics get involved in contemporary art - with rather rewarding results. The Augustinian canons have invited ten artists to create interventions in their monastery (Hier und Jetzt / Hic et Nunc”, curator: Cosima Rainer, section a). Most of the interventions refer to the location itself: Manuel Gorkiewicz decorated the forecourt with linen with shining silver stripes – the trashy aesthetics of his work reminds of a used car market and thereby counteracts the imposing building; the same effect is achieved with Nicole Wermer’s bright purple gravel in front of the Sala Terrena. In the intimate cloister garden, Eva Chytilek’s cylinder-shaped Virginia fence forms both an open, as well as a closed space. Other works allude to the community of monks: Christoph Meier’s Ferris wheel, and Nilbar Güres’ photo series depicting a beekeeper in the midst of a bee collective: the veiled apiarist lets a piece of cloth float through the garden – as a reference to both the legend of the Agnes Veil, which is tightly associated with Klosterneuburg, as well as the current headscarf debate. But not every work is capable of leaving an impression in this Baroque splendour: Mladen Bizumics reduced sculpture, for example, is hardly noticeable in the marble room. And it is significant that the artists only deal marginally with topics that may be contextually relevant at this location – of whatever nature they may be; many things are possible between heaven and earth. In any case, the interventions definitely create irritations. Stift Klosterneuburg 3400 Klosterneuburg, Stiftsplatz 1 Tel: +43-2243-411-0 email: info@stift-klosterneuburg.at http://www.stift-klosterneuburg.at/

Stift Klosterneuburg
3400 Klosterneuburg, Stiftsplatz 1
Tel: +43-2243-411-0
Email: info@stift-klosterneuburg.at

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