160614: Schinkel Pavillon Eva Kotatkova – Anatomical Orchestra

Schinkel Pavillon Eva Kotatkova – Anatomical Orchestra 31.05.2014 – 20.07.2014 Archaeologist of Dadaism By Thomas W. Kuhn For the difficult Schinkel Pavillon, Eva Kotátková (*1982 in Prague) has designed a tailor-made, round, black stage for the polygonal space: a location for the actions and for the plinth of the objects created for it. They are more or less appreciably recognizable as musical instruments, which only unfold their actual life in Kotátková’s performances. These instruments are spare parts and medial expansion of the human body in one, which forms the main benchmark of her works. These works form a tangible, formal and colourful unit in their arrangements which do not follow any explicit, comprehensible logic. Metal and material, partly coupled with objects oscillate between grey, black and white. With typewritten texts and collages broaden the field of interpretation in an anecdotal and associative way, and, with their low-tech aesthetic, the nostalgic trait whose historical roots unquestionably lie in Dadaism. Kotátková not only affiliates formally with Dadism but also with its critical dimensions regarding the inter-relationship between society and individual and the defining power of her material, body-related manifestation. The nostalgic patina which especially emanates from the middle of the 20th century, transforms Kotátková's installation into a cipher for a longing for a lost era. One could argue against this romanticism, which, in the younger generation of artists is virulent, that Kotátková's approach is a sort of archaeological art. Effectively, possible theoretical connections oscillate somewhere between Sigmund Freud, Siegfried Kracauer and Marshall McLuhan. And it also leads right to the middle of the mechanical erotic of Marcel Duchamps and Francis Picabias, which one thinks one finds cited in some of Kotátková's sculptures. Schinkel Pavillon 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Oberwallstraße 1 Tel: +49 30 208 86 444 E-mail: info@schinkelpavillon.de http://www.schinkelpavillon.de Opening hours: Fri - Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Schinkel Pavillon
10117 Berlin, Oberwallstraße 1
Tel: +49 30 208 86 444
Email: info@schinkelpavillon.de
Öffnungszeiten: Fr - So 12:00 - 18:00

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