060414 : Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman: Gironcoli + Kienzer

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Gironcoli + Kienzer 23.03.2014 – 21.6.2014 Excitable Heterogeneity By Margareta Sandhofer To compete with Bruno Gironcoli is courageous. To confront his monolithic work requires an independent and distinct position. Such a dialogic meeting can, therefore, only be successful in a contradiction. From the current repertoire at hand, Michael Kienzer selected Gironcoli's succinct sculptures and drawings and wove them into an ambiguous structure with his own current works at the Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman (Innsbruck). Gironcoli's often not realized work drawings depict inscrutable, visionary worlds which, in his plastics, condense into shocking existential statements: A hovering baby (aluminium casting, 2006) is captured by forms running up to a point and permeated, his typed face bears a curious, abstract soul expression. The meaning is ambivalent, the activated forms suggest burgeoning tulips or engulfing flames, a birth ritual or a death sentence. The "Kopf/Head" (1964/65) is reduced to the basics - a very personal, strong reflection on Pop Art can be read, but no textual explanation. Gironcoli's form entities are utopian and yet very concrete, massive sculptures with meticulous modelling and surface treatment which express existentialistic narrations. In contrast, Michael Kienzer appears like a dry and silent realist in the puristic usage of raw industrial materials and products. The contextual displacements in unusual application determine a move from the conventional, perceived habits. With Gironcoli, utopian phantasms which appear as polished, massive, unalterable volumes confront one as permanent, generally valid meta conditions. In contrast, Kienzer involves the observer as an apparently lapidary character, an it-could-be-different, but right now it's exactly thus and not anything else. He defines this with sensitive precision. The contrarieties between Gironcoli and Kienzer complement each other in an heterogeneous totality. In addition, in the respective work, both artists entwine themselves in clarity of form and, at the same time, complexity of form to an enigmatic content. In this unapproachable sphere, the works meet or confront each other, interlock to a challenging exhibition packed with suspense. He who lets himself be drawn into its intensity can, to a certain extent, participate - because they cannot be understood, only experienced. Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman 6020 Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien Straße 34 Tel: +43-1-512 -57 57 85 Fax: +43-1-512 -57 57 85 13 E-mail: galerie@galeriethoman.com http://www.galeriethoman.com Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12-18, Sat 12-17 hours

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
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Tel: +43-1-512 -57 57 85, Fax: +43-1-512 -57 57 85 13
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