060414 : Haus der Kunst München: Matthew Barney – River of Fundament

Haus der Kunst München Matthew Barney – River of Fundament 17.03.2014 – 17.08.2014 Master of XXL transformation By Goschka Gawlik Matthew Barney is one of the most illustrious international artists. His ambition and pertinacity regarding the tricky transformation of historical templates in private and modern mythologies are well known. His expensive solo shows are accordingly rare and their impressive oversize arouses amazement. Since the 1980’s, the American has been working on the creation of a post-Wagnerian work of art. In his roles as a sculptor, media artist and film producer, Barney takes exaggerations into account to make symbols of creative and transformative vitality visible. Following seven years of abstinence from the public, his new works are presented in the exhibition “River of Fundament” in the Münchner Haus der Kunst. And the Berlin State Opera featured his 6-hour opera film under the same title. Normally, the artist uses several formats such as drawings, storyboard, photography, showcases and sculpture in his exhibitions, but this time the highlights are elaborate sculptures, which were previously created during three live performances in Los Angeles (REN), Detroit (KHU) and New York (BA), in collaboration with hundreds of artists. These 14 works are, similar to his Cremaster Cycle, three dimensional hybrid incarnations of figures and locations also found in the film – with the difference that they don't stir our feelings in time, but in space. The project attempts to visually capture Norman Mailer’s book Ancient Evenings (1983) in its full breadth. The main theme of the text deals with death and reincarnation. In contrast to Mailer’s book, it is not the human soul that undergoes three reincarnation trials, but an object: a Chrysler car. In any case – the theme of the exhibition appears to have, at least psychologically, struck the right cord regarding the wish for reincarnation or at least a long life. Haus der Kunst München 80538 Munich, Prinzregentenstrasse 1 Tel: +49 (0)89 21127-113 Fax: +49 (0)89 21127-157 email: mail@hausderkunst.de http://www.hausderkunst.de/ Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 20.00 hours, Thu 10.00 – 22.00 hours

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