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Mudam Luxembourg Lee Bul 05.09.2013 – 09.06.2014 Sediments of Modernism By Stefan Kobel Korean artists are known to be genial nerds with a philosophical background. Lee Bul is no exception. The artist, born 1964 in South Korea absorbs numerous different sources of early neuroscientific studies ranging from social-utopian architectural phantasies to trashy science fiction and mixes them in her artistic cosmos. However, in her first comprehensive institutional exhibition in Europe, she at first had to tame the architecture of the Mudam in Luxemburg. After two years of preparation and three weeks of set-up, Bul, with her meticulous precision, constructed hill-like structures and asymmetric wooden planes and installed them in the monumental entrance hall. More impressive, however, are the sculptures that resemble architectural models that have gotten out of control, and accompany the visitors on their way to the lower floor. Using all kinds of glistening material, Bul created chandelier-like landscapes in which utopian architectural dreams of western architecture avant-garde seem to be sedimented. This offers an idea how modernism - not only in Korea, must have swept across ancient culture as a chaotic storm leaving styles, attitudes and theories as sediments cast in concrete, steel and glass. The most impressive works are, however, her large walk-in sculptures. Unlike other artists such as Carsten Höller, Olafur Eliasson or Carsten Nicolai, she does not aim at evoking childlike amazement. Visual and auditory irritations emerge while walking through the cave-like structures. The constructions aim at confusing the visitor’s perception. From the “Studio”, a room conjuring a studio environment, one can gain the following insight: firstly, that Lee Bul is a meticulous as well as talented artist and secondly - not everything that is created in a studio should unconditionally be presented to an audience. Mudam Luxembourg 1499 Luxembourg, 3 Park Dräi Eechelen Tel: +352 45 37 85 1 Email: info@mudam.lu http://www.mudam.lu

Mudam Luxembourg
1499 Luxembourg, 3 Park Dräi Eechelen
Tel: +352 45 37 85 1
Email: info@mudam.lu

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