100314: Mumok Museum moderner Kunst: Musée à vendre pour cause de faillite – Herbert Foundation and mumok in dialogue

Mumok Museum moderner Kunst Musée à vendre pour cause de faillite – Herbert Foundation and mumok in dialogue 21.02.2014 – 15.05.2014 Bankruptcy of the Institution? By Margareta Sandhofer The actual discrepancy of this exhibition already lies in the combination of title and sub-title. To what is the exhibition tantamount? Is it the intention of realising a representative show of the private collection of Anneke and Anton Herbert with successful supplements from the in-house collections, or should Marcel Broodthaers' citation "Museum for sale due to bankruptcy" (1971) be thematized from a present day perspective? The former is brilliantly presented here. As a classical representation in a classical framework, the most possibly neutral White Cube, the specific qualities of conceptual art, minimal art and younger positions which critically confront these self-referential tendencies, are exemplified. Except, where is the relevance of the title that is seeking attention? Citations are taken from a 1971 catalogue in which Marcel Broodthaers presents the "Section Financier" of his fictitious "Musée D’Art Moderne Département Des Aigles", and in the same breath, due to bankruptcy, offers his museum for sale on the Cologne art market. He opened this ideational museum in 1968, and closed it in 1972. The museum, seen as a system, was basically deconstructed. All parameters, the venue, the exhibits and their layout, respectively their disarray, the cataloguing or the role of the director were, from the point of view of traditional understanding, abstracted and suspended or inverted. Object, absence, presence, sustainability, valences were called into question. The openings were always associated with discussions, the debates were an integral part of the concept. Broodthaers followed a strategy in which each station of the museum complemented the previous one by methodically infiltrating it so that the project systematically superseded itself. The final consequence was the closing of the museum which, in large part, is only handed down documented as a temporary phenomena. Single objects from Annick and Anton Herbert's estate, such as two boards or a door of the "Musée D'Art Moderne" which is presented as a painting on the wall, are in the current exhibition in the MUMOK. They are situated around the showcases with documents like invitation cards or the eponymous exhibition catalogue – traces of remembrance. The idea of Broodhaers’ "Musée D’Art Moderne" is present in these objects, not freshly debated but conserved and wedged into the approved, conventional museum corset. The discourse takes place (as announced in the sub-title) between the exhibits of the Herbert Collection and that of the MUMOK, albeit in an excellent, but hermetically sealed, presentation. As such, it stands contrary to Broodthaers’ intention of demythologization, exactly a process with which he thought to break up this museum structure which he, as self-named director, wanted to unsettle His vision is now historicised, distanced and classified as a singular fossil in exactly the system of categorisation that he wanted to avoid. The final unapproachable condition in the current presentation creates uneasiness; exactly like the sobering encounter with Franz West's chairs which, on their white plinths, are intangible - contrary to the artist's intention (for conservation reasons), or Bruce Nauman's (for security reasons) decommissioned "Musical Chairs" which are supposed to turn. The museum structure apparently demands this unavoidable loss of authenticity. In this case, the programmatic exhibition title vindicates itself with the museum's declaration of bankruptcy. You don't only read this in the flat pecuniary sense, but rather from a contents point of view, and then the initially coquettish use of Broodthaers' citation gains concrete reality. Nevertheless, is it truly an unavoidable necessity that Broodthaers' rebellious "Musèe D’Art Moderne", the example of the institution’s critique par excellence, has to be incorporated by the attacked museum structure? mumok Museum moderner Kunst 1070 Vienna, Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1 Tel: +43 1 52 500 Fax: +43 1 52 500 13 00 email: info@mumok.at http://www.mumok.at Opening hours: Daily: 10.00–18.00 hours, Do: 10.00–21.00 hours

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