100314: Vertikale Galerie in der Verbund-Zentrale: Francesca Woodman – Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION

Vertikale Galerie in der Verbund-Zentrale Francesca Woodman – Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION 30.01.2014 – 21.05.2014 No open door in this room By Susanne Rohringer The Verbund Collection is currently showing the works of the American Francesca Woodman in the Vertical Gallery in its main house on the Am Hof in Vienna. The Verbund Collection has continually bought works by the photographer (who died in 1981) and, with 79 objects, owns the largest collection outside of the artist's own family. These wide-ranging collecting activities offer the visitor comprehensive insight of Francesca Woodman's oeuvres. Born in 1958 in Denver, Colorado, into a musical, artistic family, Woodman plays piano and studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. She creates her first photographic self-portrait at the age of 13. Her parents own a house in Florence where Woodman spends her summer months. She speaks fluent Italian. A sojourn in Rome follows in 1978 where one of her three individual exhibitions takes place in the Galerie Libreria Maldoro. On her return to America, she moves to New York, where, in her residential studio, she primarily photographs herself in different poses. In the autumn of 1980, her first suicide attempt fails. She gives up her flat and moves back to living with her parents. Shortly thereafter, she publishes an art book. In 1981, aged 22, she throws herself off a skyscraper to her death. To view her (only) nine years' of work without including her violent death seems almost impossible. The two curators, Gabriele Schor and Elisabeth Bronfen, want to try to do exactly this. The exhibition tries to portray the great hope for American female photography in the 70's. It's a unique opportunity to study the work methods and arrangements of this artist. But a sad remnant remains in light of the abrupt end of this notably artistic handwriting. Vertikale Galerie in der Verbund-Zentrale 1010 Vienna, Am Hof 6a Tel: +43 (0)5 03 13-0 http://www.verbund.com/sammlung Opening hours: upon agreement – more info at sammlung.verbund@artphalanx.at or tel. +43-1-524 98 03-5

Vertikale Galerie in der Verbund-Zentrale
1010 Wien, Am Hof 6a
Tel: +43 5 03130
Email: sammlung@verbund.com
Öffnungszeiten: Die Ausstellung ist jeden Mittwoch um 18:30 Uhr und jeden Freitag um 16:00 Uhr im Rahmen eines kostenlosen Rundgangs gegen Voranmeldung zu besichtigen (ausgenommen Feiertage). Anmeldung unter sammlung@verbund.com oder +43 50 313-500 44.

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