240214 : Galerie Ulysses: Guido Kucsko – The logical picture

Galerie Ulysses Guido Kucsko – The logical picture 30.01.2014 – 08.03.2014 Not completely illogical By Wolfang Pichler With the paintings in this exhibition it’s a bit like it is with Wittgenstein’s famous work – to which the exhibition refers. Initially – similar to the “Tractatus Logico Philosophicus” - one is confronted with rather general, but precisely formulated statements. Except that they don’t present themselves in language form but in picture form. However, at a second glance, one begins to understand how presentations of the same object can be analysed. Yet, like Wittgenstein’s philosophy, these are purely logical, cognitive games and are definitely not addressed to contemporaries with a poor knowledge of philosophy. In the second room of the exhibition, the fundamental tone of the displayed prints changes. While, like the other objects, they are also presented in black-and-white, a kind of illogical-subjective view of the world seems to prevail. No longer are any statements being made; instead, symbolic portraits of the Wittgenstein family are shown: Paul and Ludwig Wittgenstein. But ultimately the displayed objects equal, in their entirety, the analytical philosophy itself; not strictly logical and complete. These are thought-provoking impulses and an experiment to somehow come to grips with the unbelievable; in other words, to put our world in an order, even if it may only be the order of language or shapes. In any case, it is good that such trials are undertaken and, in view of the impossibility of finding a solution for the fundamental problem, the experiment can definitely be considered a success. Galerie Ulysses 1010 Vienna, Opernring 21 Tel: +43 222/587 12 26 Fax: +43 222/587 21 99 email: ulysses@galerie-ulysses.at http://www.kunstnet.at/ulysses Opening hours: Tue - Fri 10-18 hours, Sat 10-13 hours

Galerie Ulysses
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