100214: Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst: Gunter Damisch – Fields, Worlds (and beyond)

Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Gunter Damisch – Fields, Worlds (and beyond) 23.11.2013 – 23.02.2014 Serial thinking of recurring themes By Marina Richter Gunter Damisch started teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1992 and succeeded his teacher Maximilian Melcher. He had his breakthrough before graduating from the Academy; his early works were strongly linked to the “New Wild” movement. Already in 1982, he exhibited his paintings, assemblages and wooden objects in, among others, the Gallery Ariadne. At that time he also started to experiment with other media. Together with Josef Danner he produced super-8 films and founded the legendary punk band Molto Brutto. The band had numerous live performances and even won a critics’ choice award in Germany. The cover designs for the two LPs that the band produced were created in cooperation with Gerwald Rockenschaub and Herbert Brandl. Fifteen years went by before this Gunter Damisch retrospective was organised - the last one took place in 1999 in the Linzer Landesgalerie Oberösterreich. The current exhibition “Fields, Worlds (and beyond) in St. Pölten includes 170 works representing every phase of his oeuvre, ranging from the five-part cycle “Der Löl” (1980) to the most recent aluminium casts, which, set closely together, form a silver-coloured forest landscape. Individual flowers, mushrooms and pinecones, freshly picked from his garden in Freidegg, cast in a silver “guise” and welded to the metal sculptures, find themselves in the company of figures that show up in his paintings and printed graphics. Imaginative titles are also recurring features that characterise Damisch’s works. The artist curated the exhibition in the Shedhalle together with the head of the Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich, Alexandra Schantel. Drawings, printed media, graphics, paintings, and sculptures – of which many are subject to the principle of series and recurring themes – are, accordingly, grouped in blocks. Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst 3100 St. Pölten, Kulturbezirk 5 Tel.: +43 2741 90 80 90 Email: office@zeitkunstnoe.at http://www.zeitkunstnoe.at/ Opening hours: Tue – Sun 9.00 – 17.00 hours

Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst
3100 St.Pölten, Kulturbezirk 5
Tel: +43-2742 90 80 90
Email: office@zeitkunstnoe.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di – So 9 - 17 h

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