251113 : Museum Angerlehner: First presentation of the Angerlehner Collection

Museum Angerlehner First presentation of the Angerlehner Collection 13.09.2013 – 09.08.2014 Museum with a sense of mission By Goschka Gawlik In September 2013, Austria’s newest museum attraction opened its gates to the public. Heinz J. Angerlehner’s private collection found a home in the Museum for Contemporary Art in Thalheim near Wels. In contrast to other collections in Austria, the museum is not housed in a newly constructed concrete building - it was embeded in the already existing and newly designed production and assembly halls of the company Ferro-Montage GmbH. The Upper Austrian collector wanted to upgrade the premises with which he is associated privately and professionally for more than 30 years – thereby providing sustainable impulses for the entire industrial region. The building has a modest and elegant appeal – even if it is only a simple black box. The exhibition space encompasses 2,000 square meters and includes an open presentation depot (Schaulager), similar to the one in the Museum Liaunig. At the entrance to the exhibition space the collector’s passion for painting and especially for large-format paintings becomes evident. The audience is welcomed by a huge-format work created by Markus Prachensky juxtaposed with an eight-meter long woodcut by Erich Steininger. Angerlehner’s collection doesn't offer any surprises, but what’s remarkable about the exhibition is the way the works are presented: paintings by Hubert Schmalix are hung next to those by Erwin Bohatsch, Hubert Scheibel’s are next to Eva Schlegel’s, Herbert Brandl's next to Walter Vopava's, Günther Damisch's next to Wolfang Stifter's, Martin Schnur's next to Alfred Klinkan's, and Hannes Mlenek works are hung between works by Wolfgang Hollegha and Gottfried Mairwöger. The Angerlehner Museum focuses on presenting to date unknown Upper Austrian artists in a national and international context as well as providing intellectual stimuli. Museum Angerlehner 4600 Thalheim near Wels, Ascheter Straße 54 Tel: +43 7242 224422 - 13 email: mailto:e.afanasenko@museum-angerlehner.at http://www.museum-angerlehner.at

Museum Angerlehner
4600 Thalheim bei Wels, Ascheter Straße 54
Tel: +43 7242 22 44 22 - 0
Email: office@museum-angerlehner.at
Öffnungszeiten: Sa 14.18, So 10-18 h
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