020913: OÖ Kulturquartier - Höhenrausch 3

OÖ Kulturquartier Höhenrausch 3 14.06.2013 – 13.10.2013 Sao Paulo, Venice, Berlin, Linz: Ascension through art By Hannah Winkelbauer Ever since its initiation in 2009, when Linz was the European Culture Capital, the “Höhenrausch” program of the Linz O.K. (Offenes Kulturhaus) attracted people from all over Upper Austria and the provinces. Everyone is fascinated by the art works and the view. From tower to tower, those who have no fear of heights, wander on the roof of the O.K.: one can enjoy the view from the 30-metre high wooden "Oberösterreich-Turm", the bamboo construction of the Taiwanese artist, Wen-Chih Wang, and the tower of the Ursulinenkirche. The ascent of the “Höhenrausch” towers is an ascent through art. The staircases lead through the "Biennale Cuvée" exhibition in which the O.K. presents art works. For OK director, Martin Sturm, biennials are the most important form of contemporary art exhibitions. Sturm particularly values their experimental propensity. In the O.K. more than 20 works by international artists are presented, which were previously shown at biennials in Berlin, Busan, Genk, Havana, Istanbul, Liverpool, Montevideo, Paris, São Paulo or Venice. Amongst others, the work "Alter Gogo” (2010) by the Nigerian photographer, Andrew Esiebo, is shown. In this series of portraits of South African grandmothers who belong to a football club, the artist juxtaposes a photo of each woman in her football outfit with that of her daily role of grandmother with grandchildren. On the first floor of the O.K. the Spaniard, Jota Izquierdo, focuses his work "Capitalismo Amarillo: Special Economic Zone” (2011/12) on the counterfeiting of proprietary goods in China and their marketing by street traders in Spain and Mexico. His installation – a collection of partly absurd emulations of proprietary watches or luxury handbags – is amusing and, at the same time, scary. Apart from the objects, videos are also shown which document the path of the counterfeited products. The giant ant sculptures by Rafael Gomezbarros accompany the visitor all along the way. The creatures, which belong to the work "Casa Tomada – Occupied House”, have even made it up to the steeple of the Ursulinenkirche. The “Höhenrausch” in Linz is unique with its combination of a parcours on the city roofs and contemporary art. From the roof of the O.K., the capital of the Province of Upper Austria looks like the adorable replicas of Linz in the famous grotto railway in the Pöstlingberg. The numerous visitors who climb the stairs, make the "Oberösterreich-Turm" - whose highest point is on a level with the peak of the steeple of the Ursulinenkirche – rock gently but hardly noticeably. When the clouds gather in the heavens and it begins to rain, the visitors stand under the tower's wooden awning and have an impressive panoramic view of the rain-swept hills of the nearby Mühlviertel. OÖ Kulturquartier 4020 Linz, OK Platz 1 Tel: +43 732 784178-0 E-mail: info@ooekulturquartier.at http://ooekulturquartier.at/

OÖ Kulturquartier
4020 Linz, OK Platz 1
Tel: +43 732 784178-0
Email: info@ooekulturquartier.at

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