010713: Galerie Gerersdorfer - Paper Work

Galerie Gerersdorfer Paper Work 06.06.2013 – 07.07.2013 The high art of small formats By Wolfgang Pichler Already before entering the gallery space, next to the entrance, both extremes of the exhibition are displayed on the wall. On the one side the works by Deborah Sengl from the series “His-Story”, on the other, the charcoal drawings by Franz Blaas. The fact that both, irrespective of their similarities, are not in competition with one another, was only possible by the way they are hung. The added attraction for this intimate exhibition is that the gallery conveys the character of a generous apartment rather than a gallery. After all, for many people the option to own an original piece of art is that they are either made of, or on, paper. Yet in general, as sad as this may be, most galleries only display these kinds of works marginally; as an addendum to the “real” large canvases. This becomes beautifully apparent in Alfons Pressnitz’s small paper cuttings titled “Shelf” or “Wall”. The focus in not only on the material but its filigree consistency. Only Tone Fink’s beautiful but not at all low-priced works are clearly not in line with the otherwise moderate price level. Especially the object’s diversity and everyday suitability make this show so appealing. And in addition, it's a pleasure to be able to discover works by Michaela Ghisetti and Franz Blaas that are not so well known – presented next to well known works such as the “Hermosa” nudes by Hubert Schmalix. Galerie Gerersdorfer 1090 Vienna, Währinger Strasse 12 Tel: +43 1 310 84 84 Fax: +43 1 310 84 85 Email: officexlgerersdorfer.at http://www.kunstnet.at/gerersdorfer Opening hours: Thu, Fri, Sat 11 – 20 hours

Galerie Gerersdorfer
1090 Wien, Währinger Strasse 12
Tel: +43 1 310 84 84, Fax: +43 1 310 84 85
Email: office@gerersdorfer.at
Öffnungszeiten: Do, Fr, Sa 11-20

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