010713: Galerie Krobath - Julian Opie

Galerie Krobath Julian Opie 07.06.2013 – 27.07.2013 Summery glimmer By Susanne Rohringer In its last exhibition before the summer break, the Gallery Krobath is currently presenting works by Julian Opie. The British artist was last shown in Vienna in 2008 in a large solo exhibit in the MAK. At that time, Opie created animated figures shaped only by lines and borders; stick-like figures kicked balls beyond the border of his paintings. His work was characterized by the spontaneous play with motion. Similar features also characterize Opie’s more recent works that are shown in the Gallery Krobath. Upon entering the room you see large horizontal formats behind glass: landscapes, appearing as if the viewer is looking at them while driving by in a car: light and dark green fields and meadows, brown planes occasionally interrupted by a tree, a road winds itself through the landscape. All of these impressions convey the feeling of travelling in midsummer; one literally senses the glimmering air. His work “Evening Sun, 2011” depicts a tree on a slope with a view across a valley and insects buzzing. Juxtaposed is his painting “Apple Tree” (2012) showing apple blossoms on a branch set against a blue background, bees humming and birds singing. From an art historical viewpoint, Opie follows the traditions of the 17th century landscape paintings by Claude Lorrain or Nikolas Poussin. But he also applies facets of 18th century Japanese woodcuts in his works. Opie is an extremely polyglot artist who creates awe-inspiring art worlds with a sense of ironic humour. Galerie Krobath 1010 Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 9 Tel: +43 1 585 74 70 Fax: +43 1 585 74 72 Email: office@galeriekrobath.at http://www.galeriekrobath.at Opening hours: Tue – Fri 11 – 18 hours, Sat 11 – 15 hours

Galerie Krobath
1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 9
Tel: +43 1 585 74 70, Fax: +43 1 585 74 72
Email: office@galeriekrobath.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr: 11-18h
Sa: 11-15h

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