080413: Galerie Hilger NEXT Wien: 10 Pors & Rao

Galerie Hilger NEXT Wien 10 Pors & Rao 23.03.2013 – 25.05.2013 Under the sign of the disco “Gummibären” By Roland Schöny It's a fine, subtle irony. Here and there, the material looks as if it has been fed by cartoon or animation film classics. Association with any sort of film scenes could crop up there. Looking at the 2-meter long red telephone, THE UNCLE PHONE (2004). What happened there? Dial and handset are so far apart from one another that one person could, indeed, dial the number but at the same time, a second person would be needed to pick up the handset and speak. Additionally, the thing actually functions. One can make a phone call. The slim, sometimes wobbly sculpture, DRIFTER, HEAVY HAT (2008) by the Indian-Danish artist couple, Aparna Rao und Søren Pors – in short, Pors&Rao. hits you in the eye in this exhibition. A line drawing in the room. Resembling design. A figure standing on its head, no, standing on the melon. Metal, synthetic material, nylon. The most important things are there: shoes, gloves. Almost like in a Disney cartoon where everyone also wears gloves? At all costs, the world turned upside down! The object begins to wobble when you approach it. The nearer one gets, the more it wobbles. Standing on the melon to circle around. Like a group of white screens on the wall PYGMIES (2006) decorated with small, black mobile elements – mounted on the edges that suddenly disappear as soon as the public draws near. Uuuuh, what happened??? Also a black spot a little further on, the floor object SUN SHADOW (2009) which is drawn up the wall only to fall down again. Above everything, TEDDY UNIVERSE (2009), the disco-globe version of space Gummibären (jelly bears). The first impression: funny. But if only this were just a play on the surface. Interestingly, it's not quite so easy then to warm towards these wobbling objects. It shows Pors&Rao consciously playing with the sentimental, by reactivating the memories of popular culture, of film, of perhaps stories taken along, thus appealing to the biographically stored constellation of feelings. But in the end, it boils down to a very rigid concept of sculpture and installation that is reminiscent of the expanded from the post-medial era. It's a sculpture, but at the same time decorated with media art body sensors. It thematises the picture in the art room and then tumbles into another dimension. Whoops-a-daisy! Both deny that their art is i n t e r active, "but the objects are responding". They are made of synthetic materials, of nylon, rubber, but also of metal, whereby different electronic components are built in without their existence even appearing to be evident. Highly interesting how this new art room positions itself for the kick-off in what is, after all a traditional, important Viennese gallery with an extremely wide spectrum. Highly up to date with a trans-medial art that manifests itself on the tied-back material and has the courage to be formally aesthetic, and that isn't afraid to touch the citation. Hardly leaping upon the long-exhausted, discursive current, although it should be noted that Pors&Rao (*1974&*1978) have been at several large exhibitions such as the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial or were represented within the framework of Indian Highway, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. If this is to be understood as a programmatic statement, it can surely be said that the Brotkunsthalle with its 400 m2 space adjoining the new art room Hilger NEXT Wien 10 can become a fascinating, experimental field. Galerie Hilger NEXT Wien 10 1100 Vienna, Absberggase 27 Tel: +43 1 512 53 15 Fax: +43 1 513 91 26 E-mail: ernst.hilger@hilger.at http://www.hilger.at/ Opening times: Wed-Sat 12-18 hours

Galerie Hilger NEXT
1100 Wien, Absberggase 27
Tel: +43 1 512 53 15, Fax: +43 1 513 91 26
Email: ernst.hilger@hilger.at
Öffnungszeiten: Do,Fr 12-17 h

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