250313: Schauraum Angewandte - Peter Weibel & Renate Quehenberger: Quantum Cinema – A Digital Vision

Schauraum Angewandte - Peter Weibel & Renate Quehenberger: Quantum Cinema – A Digital Vision 18.01.2013 to 17.03.2013 Start into the dimension of dynamic geometry By Roland Schöny How quickly we turn on our GPS when requirements for geographical orientation gain the upper hand! A trivial everyday action! Surely! But it illustrates two things: for one it proves how fast formerly seemingly utopian topics of the digital revolution, such as the dissolution of boundaries of traditional spatial perception – is succeeded by the pragmatism of conditioned user behavior in the real online society. And secondly it becomes evident that common topographical illustrations offered by digital maps are meant rather as forms of visual consensus aimed at communication rather than long-term valid models of space. And what happens if an artist – according to Duchamp – believes that art should not allow science to have the last word. A research project could develop. Such a project was realized by Renate Quehenberger under the leadership of Peter Weibel at the University for Applied Arts. Since 2010, the project “Quantum Cinema – A Digital Vision” attempted to transfer pure abstract algebraic descriptions of higher mathematics in quantum physics as 3D-animated dynamic geometry in film sequences using the tools of digital art. The target was to create visually and cognitively apprehensible access to the so-called additional dimension (D>3). With the participation of scientists from the areas of anthropology, experimental quantum physics and mathematics, the media design/digital art students Nikola Tasic and Kathrin Stumreich, Art and Science student Rudi Friemel, CAD and animation designer Christian Magnes and the mathematical counselor Hans Katzgraber created a unique film animation. The successful result is displayed as the main part of a multimedia installation in the Schauraum Angewandte in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier. It was curated by Ruth Schnell, head of the Department of Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts and Wolfgang Fiel, who teaches at the same university. It is the attempt to integrate the public as the third significant dimension in a particularly exciting project in the intersection of art and science. In order to strengthen the communicative field, a more extensive form of mediation, possibly with references to historical phases of visualizing multidimensionality, would have been helpful. But we live in a digital era: on the website of the project “Quantum Cinema” its initiator still has the opportunity to add complementary materials to this breathtaking attempt. Visitors to the MuseumsQuartier are advised to persevere where the real space folds out into the virtual of further dimensions. Schauraum Angewandte 1070 Vienna, Museumsquartier, quartier21, (Electric Avenue) http://www.dienagewandte.at Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 22.00 hours

Schauraum Angewandte
1070 Wien, Museumsquartier, quartier21, (Electric Avenue)
Öffnungszeiten: täglich von 10 bis 22 Uhr

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