250213: Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst - Rudolf Goessl – Transformations

Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst - Rudolf Goessl – Transformations 16.02.2013 – 12.05.2013 Freedom, Colour, Seduction By Margareta Sandhofer At last – a retrospective exhibition in extensive surroundings which does justice to the pictorial works of Rudolf Goessl (born 1929). His works – from his "first picture" in 1945, through continually changing, ever-developing oeuvres - are presented by the curator, Andrea Jünger, in the Schedhalle St. Pölten, one of the locations for "Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich". Examples from the post-war era demonstrate the fundamental narrowness of the domestic art scene under the domain of a few great personalities such as Boeckl or Wotruba. The conflict with the principles of cubism can be read in Goessel’s' small-format early drawings and oils. A completely different challenge results from his trip to America in 1967 and the meeting with American painters. The experience opens the young artist's eyes to the perspective of the – until then unknown – possibilities of artistic and colourful autarchy. Goessl's formats expand into large, abstract paintings. This short phase is featured in an adult self-awareness, freedom of colour and joy in the large shape. A very personal internalisation of the newly-created values and qualities emerges. Goessl successively approaches a monochromy, which is rather unique at that time. In the 1970’s Goessl shows some nuance-rich sensitive colorism (“Convolution" or "Spatial Stage Pictures"), but in the 80's, Goessl's colour spectrum has darkened, the delicate vibrations of the tones are strengthened and open up the flecks of colour. Goessl develops a new kind of sentimental space, which offers possibilities for meditative experiences far beyond the limits of the pictures. As a pictorial epos of waxing and waning, the 26-part cycle Great Litany (2000-2005) suggests a metaphysical content. Immersive colour spaces contrast with strong accents. With the Golden Way (part of the Great Litany), Andrea Jünger presents an impressive, fittingly displayed, final chord to the exhibition. A line has been drawn under Rudolf Goessl's works completed up to now: "Following this résumé, I'd like to present something new. I am convinced that I'll succeed." (1) The latest works exhibited – such as "In the Room" (2012) - leave no doubt about this. Perhaps at 80, Goessl will succumb to the expressive seduction of bright colours? 1) The citation has been taken from the catalogue: Rudolf Goessl talking to Alexandra Schantl, October 2012 (page 15). Landesgalerie für zeitgenösssiche Kunst 3100 St.Pölten, Kulturbezirk 5 Tel: +43-2742 90 80 90 E-mail: office@zeitkunstnoe.at http://www.zeitkunstnoe.at/ Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09.00-17.00 hours

Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst
3100 St.Pölten, Kulturbezirk 5
Tel: +43-2742 90 80 90
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