110213: Unteres Belvedere: The Night at Twilight. Art from the romantic to today

Unteres Belvedere: The Night at Twilight. Art from the romantic to today 24.10.2012 – 17.02.2013 Borderline Night By Goschka Gawlik The exhibition "The Night at Twilight" in the Lower Belvedere and in the Orangery implies a sort of post-historic dialectic between the maxims of enlightenment and "Dark Modernity" and deals with encounters between apparently opposite things which meet at their peripheries instead of the centres. Because night backs onto the break of day, and awakening onto the periphery of sleep, these surging borderline experiences - which the day-night metaphor calls into question, thus initiating further reflection – contain additional brisance in some of the works (altogether, there are 280 works from the romantic to the present). The curator team, Brigitte Borchardt-Birbaumer and Harald Krejci, expand the night iconography with examples from the fund of abstraction, in which night landscapes and the uncanny are captured in bright colours. Pictures, drafts and works on paper are not only to be seen but also objects, an excess of photography and again and again, "black" sculptures and nightly videos, amongst which are some by Lisl Ponger or Rodney Graham, everything rich in variety, occasionally combined in eye-opening juxtapositions. Besides the artists from the European art establishment, among them Courbet, Friedrich, Magritte, Richter or Lassnig, one meets some from outside Europe, and also come upon anonymous and smaller "night pieces" by unobserved artists such as Olga Wlassics, Traue Zemb-Wolsegger or Andrea Schnell. Always good. On the walls, there are repeated quotes by the minimalistic post-romantic, Samuel Beckett. Further on, the exhibition contends with imagination, psychology and the subconscious in Night Myths and Dreams, which come to light in different disguises and disfigurations. But what would the night be without the magic of lights? These pay homage, not only to the sublime night landscapes but also to the images of the natural and artificial underworlds against the backdrop of the town. In contrast, the night and the half-darkness reach the dimension of pipe dreams, a flight into the interior and to black irony. Unteres Belvedere 1030 Vienna, Rennweg 6 Tel: +43 1 795 57-200 Fax: +43 1 795 57-121 email: info@belvedere.at http://www.belvedere.at Opening hours: Daily 10 to 18 hours, Wed. 10 to 21 hours

Unteres Belvedere
1030 Wien, Rennweg 6
Tel: +43 1 795 57-200, Fax: +43 1 795 57-121
Email: info@belvedere.at
Öffnungszeiten: Täglich 10 bis 18 Uhr, Mittwoch 10 bis 21 Uhr

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