280113: Galerie Steinek: Olga Georgieva – Outrageously irresistible

Galerie Steinek Olga Georgieva – Outrageously irresistible 16.01.2013 – 16.02.2013 The threads of a narrative Gallery Steinek’s first exhibition in 2013 presents works by the young Bulgarian artist Olga Georgieva, who recently received her diploma from the University for Applied Arts in Vienna after completing her studies under Jan Svenungsson. In the first room one finds a kind of wallpaper with separate images depicting people in precise black pen and ink drawings. They all seem to be waiting, slouching, or leaning against invisible walls – people at airports or train stations. Mobile barriers impede the onlookers’ view. Georgieva implements these barriers in her works similar to the way they are used at airports or stadiums. The obstacle protects the figures and is acts as a kind of art historic metaphor for looking into, as well as out of, the picture. A barrier tape in red-white-red wraps itself around the works like a band. It is the only coloured accent in the black-and-white drawings and acts as a sort of line of sight or anthology. Georgieva also portraits people she knows and positions them among the crowd. Certain faces repeatedly show up in the pictures, as does Hugo: a headless figure that is being carried. Georgieva appears to hide her own story or narrative among the crowd. In the second room of the gallery numerous swings hang from the ceiling. The swing boards are large-format domino pieces tied to the ceiling with red ropes. Pushing one swing would set the entire installation in motion. Additionally, this topic is underlined by a picture series mounted on the wall that has a red line constituted of upright dominos that could topple anytime instead of a barrier tape. All in all, the debut is successful and there are numerous references waiting to be discovered in Georgieva’s drawings. Her artistic meticulousness and her consciousness as a woman and as a migrant are remarkable. These aspects determine her art. Georgieva compresses her drawings as hidden narrations about life. Galerie Steinek 1010 Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 4 Tel: +431/512 87 59 Fax: +431/512 87 59 email: galerie@steinek.at http://www.galerie.steinek.at Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 13:00 - 18:00; Sat: 11:00 - 15:00

Galerie Steinek
1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 4
Tel: +431/512 87 59, Fax: +431/512 87 59
Email: galerie@steinek.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr: 13-18h
Sa: 11-15h

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