280113: Kunstraum Bernsteiner: Sylvia Eckermann – Probabilis

Kunstraum Bernsteiner Sylvia Eckermann – Probabilis 06.12.2012 – 16.02.2013 Together with the impalpable By Roland Schöny What a surprise! In the rear-view mirror of time we suddenly look into a cabinet of analogue art: sculpture, installation, light projection. We enter a room with a “chamber of marvels”-character, an experimental situation in which different types of presentations capture our senses. Words, such as “fiction”, “event” or “self-projection", are projected onto the wall in capital letters or as a drawing with words crossing one another. What a surprise that the artist Sylvia Eckermann, who is considered one of the pioneers of digital art in Austria, now draws on the world of tangible material and designed a highly concise but simultaneously extremely open spatial installation. And not surprising, but all the more astonishing is the certainty and sovereignty with which the artist proceeded. The artist places light projections and videos – set in a frame similar to that of classic paintings – in a non-hierarchical order next to each other, while the ticking of a metronome lets us listen to the unrelenting passing of time. This wondrous exhibition, which one would like to see again and again and discover something new each time, can only be Sylvia Eckermann’s preliminary apotheosis of dealing with the probability of reality. Kunstraum Bernsteiner 1020 Vienna, Schiffamtsgasse 11 (court) Tel: +43 664 3077097 email: mail@friendsandart.at http://www.friendsandart.at/ Opening hours: Thu - Sat 15.00 – 19.00 hours

Kunstraum Bernsteiner
1020 Wien, Schiffamtsgasse 11 (Hof)
Tel: +43 664 3077097
Email: mail@friendsandart.at
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 16-19 h

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