051112: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart - Studio Legend - From Spitzweg to Picasso, from Giacometti to Naumann

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Studio Legend – From Spitzweg to Picasso, from Giacometti to Naumann 07.10 2012 – 10.02.2013 In the laboratory of the artist heroes By Matthias Kampmann The black-and-white photography shows a view of a completely empty room. At the far end, the picture concludes with three windows through which blazing light streams. The translucent material in front of the windows disperses the brightness. Horizontally at the bottom of the picture, an irregular square can be seen which appears to rest on the wooden floor in a mysterious manner. The answer to the riddle is: it's painted. In 1969, Jan Dibbets carried out this "Perspective Correction – My Atelier II". The well-known concept artist created possibly the most exemplary work for a theme which is displayed in numerous variations by the State Gallery Stuttgart. "Atelier Legend. From Spitzweg to Picasso, from Giacometti to Nauman" is the name of the project which has been realised in two years with approximately 200 works by over 70 artists in 2500 square meters in both parts of the building. And with this exhibition, the State Gallery is impressively reporting back under the direction of Sean Rainbird. The list of lenders is impressive. Amongst others, works have been acquired from the New York Museum of Modern Art, the London Tate, the Paris Centre Pompidou or the Washington National Gallery. Jan Dibbets' work is to be found directly opposite the reconstruction of the only 12 m2-sized Paris workroom of Daniel Spoerri. And worthy of note is the exhibition of a further installation that also fits wonderfully into the museum's space: Piet Mondrian's studio and his effort to make his three-dimensional neoplastic theory come alive, is a walk-in installation. The exhibition concentrates on the era of the 19th century when an artist's career was being newly defined. Since then, the definition of this has shown how the atelier picture presents the image of the artist in different ways. The atelier is not only a place in which pictures are painted, plastics formed, environments assembled, and concepts thought up. Here, you meet up with others, look at completely new art and also observe the genius of its creation. It is striking how many artists have dealt with their work place. Nineteenth century pictures stem from Camille Corot, Édouard Manet, John Singer Sargent or the romanticists Carl Gustav Carus or Georg Friedrich Kersting. They were all somehow outlaws, but what's with the celebrities of those times? That's a general trend of the exhibition: the “blue chips” of the market, which bring in the cash unashamedly, have no chance in this exhibition. However, it would have been interesting whether and how Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst or Takeshi Murakami would have mirrored their gigantic-manic workshops in their products. But all things considered, the exhibition is extremely well worth it. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart 70173 Stuttgart, Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 30-32 Tel: +49 711 470 40 0 Fax: +49 711 236 99 83 email: info@staatsgalerie.de http://www.staatsgalerie.de Opening hours: Wed, Fr,i Sat and Sun: 10.00 -18.00 hours, Tue and Thu: 10.00 – 20.00 hours

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
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