221012: Kunstverein Medienturm: Realness Respect

Kunstverein Medienturm Realness Respect 29.09.12 – 7.12.12 Concrete, sharp-edged, uncomfortable By Nora Theiss The Steirische Herbst (Styrian Autumn) is rather unwieldy this year; and just as unwieldy are its exhibitions. No comfort zones, and no complaisance are offered, just concreteness, sharp-edged topics, and at times even uncomfortableness. Franz Erhard Walther’s concept of his “1. Werksatz” is the central element of the group exhibition in the Kunstverein Medienturm. Presented are Walther’s drawings on how to use the “Werksatz”, which, alone through its materiality, is a huge contrast to the other works presented at the exhibition. In general, much performative art is shown in the “Realness Respect” exhibition. A performance is limited in time and cannot be repeated, one has to be present to see and experience it; and all of this becomes very clear in Santiago Sierra’s work. For a long-term visual experience one can always revert to the video recording and the possibility of repeated replay. The utensils of the performance stand around in the gallery like dumb witnesses, and with a bit of luck, tell their own stories and don't let themselves be reduced to just a flash of a unique performance. A good example is Carola Dertnig’s work – in her performance “Hier ist Platz”, which is based on Alexander Rodchenko’s design dating back to 1920, the artist constructed a mobile worker’s stand. The black-and-white work immediately sparks the association to Kazimir Malevich’s “Black Square” and the performance utensil becomes a piece of art in itself – likewise the traces that remained of Christian Falsnae’s interactive opening performance. Claire Fontaine offers an unsettling presentation of street-fighting techniques in the video “Situations”. The video, which reminds of a TV cooking show, presents self-defence pedagogy using everyday objects that are all characterized by a martial component and awaken a sense of discomfort. The video makes it clear how thin the border between defence and attack is. Concrete actions, concrete thinking, with a penchant towards radicalisation, all of these art trends can be found here in an unpretentious manner. Kunstverein Medienturm 8020 Graz, Josefigasse 1 Tel: +43 1 316 740 084 Fax: +43 1 316 740 084 http://www.medienturm.at/ Opening hours: Thu, Fri 16 – 19 hours, Sat, Sun 11 – 14 hours, and by appointment.

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