081012: Krinzinger Projekte Curated by_vienna 2012: Ulrike Lienbacher – Interiors, Models

Krinzinger Projekte Curated by_vienna 2012: Ulrike Lienbacher – Interiors, Models 21.09.12 – 27.10.12 Forms of achievement in loving and living By Goschka Gawllik Is sex in our culture still taboo? Is there something like optimal sex? These are questions the exhibition curator Katya García-Antón asks the Austrian artist Ulrike Lienbacher in a letter. Lienbacher’s answer is her solo exhibit Interiors, Models in the curated by_ series currently shown in the Krinzinger Projekte. The exhibition series, now taking place for the third time, is presented under the title Art or Life, Aesthetics or Biopolitics. Love? No, it’s not controllable - that would be life destroying. Sex? Yes, as a liberal invention of the 20th century it can be optimized, normed and enhanced according to certain principles of achievement. In the past years, Lienbacher concentrated on athletically trained human (mainly female) bodies in context with their social interactions. Disciplined work with one’s own body (and soul) should, comparable to business life, lead to top results. One room in the exhibition focuses on the topic “Interior”. Here the artist presents a set of nine ink drawings (“Templates”) whose motives were extracted from a sex handbook for young couples compiled in 1965. The way these stereotype positions of lovers are presented makes the sexual act appear like an exercise. In addition, with her sparse usage of red color, Lienbacher discretely accentuates individual erotic details. Does marriage support love? Or has marriage become merely a politically-economical construction whose basis is constituted historically? This is what Lienbacher’s small photo works with their depictions of conservative, middle-class interiors, attempt to point out. The artist staged them with pornographic motives as if they were heteronomous or disturbing. Does “Love and Marriage”, as in Frank Sinatra’s song, no longer exist? Does sex now call the tune instead? It has obviously become the carrier for social prestige, and eroticism was substituted by acrobatics. Machine-made ornamental poles, a capricious symbiosis of the classic pole dance, are frequently implemented throughout the exhibition. Their silvery and pink-golden shimmer conveys a touch of cultivated eroticism. Lienbacher’s preferred contrasting pairs of purity and filth, beauty and ugliness, as traditional topics of the (female) body, are visualized as an extension of their previous vocabulary through the form of the poles. Krinzinger Projekte 1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 45 Tel: +43 (1) 512 81 42 email: krinzingerprojekte@gmx.at http://www.galerie-krinzinger.at/projekte/

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