270812: Ostlicht Night

Ostlicht Night 05.06.12 – 29.09.12 Successful debut By Manisha Jothady Three years ago, gallery owner Ernst Hilger established the BROTkunsthalle in the former Anker bread factory in Vienna’s Favoriten district. This June, Peter Coeln, founder of the WestLicht photo now opened the OstLicht photo museum in the BROTkunsthalle, which is located away from the usual downtown art bustle. Gregor Eichinger transformed the 800 square meters of the OstLicht into a gallery and a publicly accessible library. The location is meant to serve as both a mediating platform as well as a sales platform for contemporary art photography. Occasional exhibitions in the WestLicht provided insight into art photography of the younger generation. However, due to the institution’s concept of prioritizing historic and documentary photography as well as camera auctions, it was difficult to integrate young photography. The founding of OstLicht now provides an opportunity for a more stringent focus. Peter Coeln and OstLicht-manager Verena Kaspar Eisert opened the new venue with the exhibition “Night”. Eighteen positions elaborate on an extensively repeatedly topic in many different ways. Nieves Widauer’s “Moonlight photographs” are characterized by their impressionistic, artistic quality, while Gregor Sailer’s works are more graphic and were produced with his self-made Camera Obscura. Both Hans Kuppelwieser’s photograms as well as Tatiana Lecomte’s photographs - the latter are based on templates from astronomy books – lose themselves in a seemingly realistic spangled sky. But the night is not only filled with poetry: Katrina Daschner’s and Borjana Ventzislavova’s works depict images of sexual violence and prostitution. Peter Riedler took shots of St. Petersburg's famous “White Nights” in various discos throughout the Russian city. Despite the title of the exhibition, none of the presented works convey a simplistic effect. To a good part this is mainly due to conceptual works such as those by Anita Witek. Her C-prints are based on collages that suggest spatiality and differing lighting conditions. “Night” is merely one association among many. OstLicht 1100 Vienna, Absberggasse 27 Tel.: +43 1 996 20 66 Fax: +43 1 996 20 66 – 66 email: info@ostlicht.at http://www.ostlicht.at

1100 Wien, Absberggasse 27
Tel: +43 1 9962066 , Fax: +43 1 9962066-66
Email: info@ostlicht.at
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Sa 12-18 h,
Bibliothek Mi-Fr 12-18 h

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