230412: Galerie Renner Prinz Andrey Klassen, Sarah Pichlkostner

Galerie Renner Prinz Andrey Klassen, Sarah Pichlkostner 22.03.2012 – 05.05.2012 Painting as an opportunity space By Manisha Jothady The Renner Prinz Gallery has already had an auspicious start in January with Rowena Hughes. For her Austrian solo debut, the British artist had revised pages with silk-screen painting and drawings taken from her 50's course book on architecture and photography. The result: geometric compositions that interact intelligently with the formal structures of the original material. Under the title "We do have a problem", the newcomers to the Vienna gallery intertwine two positions together which, at first sight, have little in common. However, Andrey Klassen (*1984) and Sarah Pichlkostner (*1988) share an interest in working with and on paper, the reason for drawing and that for different grades of abstraction. Andrey Klassen's ink works oscillate between painting and drawing. They simulate scenic drafts for secret stories which seem to draw on myths, films, literature, fairy stories, comics, the everyday, art history, nature and religions. The artist colourfully plumbs the depths of the variegated shadows between black and white. He also commands the play with different perspectives as well as the integration of abstract elements in figurative compositions in a virtuoso manner. Sarah Pichlkostner's installations, on the other hand, clearly go in the direction of an augmented painting concept. In this respect, the artist convinces the viewer through the usage of fragile works with classical painting utensils such as bone glue and pigments. For example, thin skins similarly hung over a steel object in such a way that it seems as if the process of shaping them is taking place before the eyes of the observer. The artist lays layers of delicate, transparent-like membranes of different materials one upon the other in her small-format collages. Here, too, the concentrated involvement with the medium of painting filters through, because Pichlkostner classifies colour against colour, form against form, and material against material. Galerie Renner Prinz 1040 Vienna, Margaretenstraße 9 (at the corner of Schleifmühlgasse) Tel: 0043 -676 – 3317950 email: mailto:renner@rennerprinz.com http://www.rennerprinz.com/ Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 12-18.30, Sat: 12-15.30 hours

Galerie Renner Prinz
1040 Wien, Margaretenstraße 9 (Ecke Schleifmühlgasse)
Tel: +43 676 3317950
Email: renner@rennerprinz.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 12-18.30
Sa 12-15.30

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