270211: Kunstforum Bank Austria Herbert Brandl - Perception – both emulated: good painting

Kunstforum Bank Austria Herbert Brandl - Perception – both emulated: good painting 26.01.12 – 15.04.12 By Gesche Heumann Painting is an art that our shaggy ancestors mumbled, muttered and spoke about when they invoked it in their caves. It has always been a sociable, tender art since that time. Even when practised with a broom-sized brush, it is evident that one can also be tender whilst wielding such an implement. Brandl needs 20 minutes for his larger pictures; they are, so to say, reportages of a sporty comeliness. An impressively large, 3m high and 5m wide, landscape format with apparent fluorescing wide stalks arising out of a mud bath is to be found in the Bank Austria Kunstforum (Untitled, 2009, oil and varnish on canvas). If one were to hang these broom-wide stalk trails next to the Great Piece of Turf by Dürer, the latter would look small and fiddly, somehow only minimalistic endearingly planned. Not bad, but as opposed to Dürer's, Brandl's XXXL stalks are nimbly sublime, genealogically more elegant – Dürer can't help that. Dürer didn't have a continually heated, bright hall in which to run riot with his pictures and Dürer was German and was not permitted to use as much yellow as Brandl, because no German has yet been able to produce a lemon yellow in his paintings that didn't hit one in the eye. But Brandl has. Brandl's work seems to have emerged from a mimetic understanding, which operates the abstract and the representational equally. When Brandl paints a mountain, he also paints where the air becomes thinner. Brandl says of himself that he's a mountain observer and not a mountain climber; how, then, does he know when the air gets thinner ? Apparently he's able to imagine it and to emulate his idea so that we can see it: and that's the astonishing thing about mimetic painting and about Brandl's painting. Astonishment is a wonderful feeling. The mimesis in painting is a surplus always lacking in a photo, and also in Gerhard Richter’s works. Brandl's work has this surplus - it's visible: that's good news. Bank Austria Kunstforum 1010 Wien, Freyung 8 Tel: +43 1 537 33 26 E-mail: office@bankaustria-kunstforum.at http://www.bankaustria-kunstforum.at/ Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00 hours, Fri 10.00 - 21.00 hours

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