130611: Lenikus Collection Studio 9

Lenikus Collection Studio 9 19.05.11 – 27.09.11 Dancing sculptures, kitschy landscape paintings The dangers of group exhibitions can be manifold: ideally the individual positions complement each other, yet more often they threaten to group themselves to insignificant combinations - with a validity close to zero. Curator Eva Maria Stadler, who was commissioned to organize an exhibition with 16 Studio-Program participants, approaches these risks in an offensive as well as nonchalant way. Since the works by the artists, who resided at the Lenikus Collection for three months as artists-in-residence, do not have a common denominator she leaves them their individuality. To do so, the walls on which the works are presented, were painted in different colours, thus offering each their own presentation background. Each piece deals with different topics – ranging from the aesthetics of kitschy landscape paintings (Carsten Fock), the relationship between body and clothing (Anna Kirsten Krambeck), dance in sculpture (Kalin Lindenas), theatrical elements(Christodoulos Panayiotou), the course of time (Elizabeth McAlpine) or the history of Faber-Castell (Kathi Hofer). Despite the overall concept of leaving each work to its own, some pieces seem to charge each other: Nicola Brunnhuber’s cupboards covered with cellophane have an almost sensual effect in combination with Lucie Stahl’s scans, shrink-wrapped in polyurethane; and Alex Ruthner’s paintings are intensified by Björn Segschneider’s video installations, with their noisy earthquake simulations. It becomes clear that the works have a high aesthetic standard and deal with their content in a serious way. Substance is present throughout the entire exhibition, yet here and there, the exhibition tends to be slightly tepid. A little more irony, a little more refraction and – ultimately –a little more political rebellion could have vivified the Lenikus program. By Nina Schedlmayer Sammlung Lenikus 1010 Vienna, Bauernmarkt 1 email: sammlung@samlunglenikus.at http://www.sammlunglenikus.at

Sammlung Lenikus
1010 Wien, Bauernmarkt 9
Email: sammlung@sammlunglenikus.at

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