210211: Eberharter Display Iv Toshain – The One that Shines has no Shadow

Eberharter Display Iv Toshain – The One that Shines has no Shadow 05.02.11 – 25.02.11 Constructions beyond the three-dimensional The artist Iv Toshain is currently displaying her new works from a series that was already highly acclaimed upon presentation in New York. What she describes as „functional visual communication“ refers to elementary structures that are comprehensible to everyone: her elaborative Plexiglas artworks consist of intertwining heavy black lines forming geometric patterns. They actually remind of line graphs of four-dimensional cross polytope, or details thereof; while Iv Toshain propagates her own matrix, e.g. as insinuated by the title „The theory of Everything“. In her work „The Sky is the Limit“, Toshain connects the topic of higher dimensionality with reality. She cites a white structure, a four-dimensional dice, mingled with triangles (from a mixed up Penrose Pattern) and thereby subdivides the sky-blue into numerous planes and shades. This transforms the structured sky into a kind of projection screen suspended from a thick rope against a white background. Ergo, a realistically painted landscape appears as an excerpt behind a black Plexiglas oval. Iv Toshain’s art effectively reflects constructions that are set behind a 3D-perceived world. By Renate Quehenberger Eberharter Display 1020 Vienna, Austellungsstrasse 53 Tel: +43 650 3300045

Eberharter Display
1020 Wien, Ausstellungsstraße 53
Tel: +43 650 3300045

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