240111: Galerie Altnöder Oswald Oberhuber – I’m still around

Galerie Altnöder Oswald Oberhuber – I’m still around 13.01.11 – 26.02.11 I’m doing this, I’m doing that - anyhow and anyway During the course of a lifetime it can be rather exhausting to incessantly reinvent oneself, position oneself anew, without finding oneself at some point, somewhere or to be found by others; without being stranded as the sum of a market-compatible life’s work of a single firmly rooted style. Demanding, and presumably quite exhausting, A life without deference and with a false bottom can really take it out of you, even artistically. Unless one envisions a strategy of permanent change and pulls it through, like Oswald Oberhuber has always done. In the exhibition commemorating his 80th birthday he proves himself for the umpteenth time as the master – not old master – of the unpredictable gesture, concerning the methods, makings, and machinations of contemporary art. There is nothing that appears shaken or bent by age, put in the backwater of pre-retirement or charity. “Very colorful, positive, unbelievable poetic, simply beautiful”, the artist describes the 18 new and novel paintings and a mini sculpture. So ignorant of history that one could easily ascribe them to a much younger artist, these pieces, which appear like the works by someone who was born much later, who should have grown up with the irrefutable certainties of a fundamental uncertainty, as the pupil of a libertine (liberal) availability and limited approachability. See the Internet and its consequences. If it wouldn’t be for his at all times and omnipresent visible confidence with which he deals with forms, formats and formalities that the ever-curious master apprentice Oswald Oberhuber displays. In small format works, in which the experiment has established itself as an independent pictorial form, as a suggestion that the artist quickly discards of with stroke of a brush. Yet one should have a certain amount of ego to prove oneself in the incessantly pulsating and expanding art cosmos, including its black holes, as a planet rotating around its own axis, around which everything in turn rotates. Styles and their respective breaches for example. And as a parallel universe in which the most diverse genres of art (such as still lifes with their more or less colorful or melancholic hanging flowers, the mysterious visions of the world and the universe, numbers and time) form a playful entity. And this is all absolutely contemporary, as unholy as at the peak of time. Addendum: a more than worthwhile addition and enhancement of the exhibition is offered by a compact mini-retrospective in the gallery’s collector’s cabinet. Selected pieces, starting with the early informal murals made in 1949, offer an (incomplete) overview of 50 (!) years of work. To be continued anytime: next year everything could be very, very different. By Stephan Maier Galerie Altnöder 5020 Salzburg, Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 3 Tel.: +43 662 84 14 35 Fax: +43 662 84 14 35 Email: info@galerie-altnoeder.com http://www.galerie-altnoeder.com Opening hours: Tue – Thu 2.30 p.m. – 6 p.m

Galerie Altnöder
5020 Salzburg, Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 3
Tel: +43 662 84 14 35, Fax: +43 662 84 14 35
Email: info@galerie-altnoeder.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 14.30-18, Sa 10-13 h

Zur Festspielzeit im Sommer: Mo-Fr 10-13 und 14.30-18, Sa 10-16 h

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