240111: Galerie Stadtpark Roman Fehr, Björn Kämmerer – Unstable Vacancy

Galerie Stadtpark Roman Fehr, Björn Kämmerer – Unstable Vacancy 11.12.10 – 19.02.11 Pictorial variation In its annual winter exhibition, the Galerie Stadtpark presents two artistic positions that developed on the sidelines of the conventional art scene. “Unstable Vacancies” deals with vacancies, absences and so-called non-venues that are not only displayed on account of their poesy. Foremost, it is the artistic-structural analysis of the metaphorical that is presented, thereby opening the view for a media-theoretical reflection. Roman Fehr, born 1974 in Vorarlberg, deals with two photographs showing distorted architecture. One depicts two dark driveways leading into a large building, of which only a section is visible. A grey area, which appears as if painted, forces itself between the two openings and its reflection can be seen in a large pool of water in front of the entrance. The second photo depicts a skyscraper whose silvery edge protrudes into the picture. Not in the least recognizable as a photograph, it could just as well pass as a painting. Fehr’s oeuvre enjoys playing with the painterly effect; they are based on photographs that he has transformed digitally by retouching them and taking out logos, doors or neon lights to achieve a planar and leveled overall effect. Thereby he creates poetic images with the artist’s influence remaining in the background. How close he gets to the Old Masters is shown in o.T. (tunnel) with its winter atmosphere reminding of Brueghel’s “Hunters in the snow”. The German artist Björn Kämmerer, born 1977, presents a digitalized 27 -frame analogue 16mm film. It shows a feminine face that never really takes up eye contact with the viewer; instead, depending on the direction of the spotlight, it turns left or right. The protagonist attempts to escape the brightness, her irritation can actually be felt by the viewer. This effect was created by cutting and rearranging the 27 frames, illuminating the digital parts and thereby achieving a haptic feel. Kämmerer’s work offers an artistic control of perception to the narrative structure of a film. All in all, an exhibition worth seeing, whose works create sensual moments despite their theoretical background. As good art should be. By Susanne Rohringer Galerie Stadtpark 3500 Krems, Wichnerstrasse Tel.: +43 2732 847 05 Fax: +43 2732 812 76 Email: aeistatak@eunet.at http://www.galeriestadtpark.at Opening hours: Wed – Sat: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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