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Festivalzentrum im Stadtpark Dan Perjovschi - Clear 25.09.10 - 02.11.10 Clear as glass – but not invisible The Styrian Autumn has increasingly invested in its own projects, not only in large-calibre such as utopia and monumental, but also in the small and fine, such as marginal notes or individual artistic actions. One of these is by Dan Perjovschi who was represented last year within the Styrian Autumn's framework of the marginal notes. Perjovschi, who comes from Hermannstadt / Sibiu, has earned himself a place in the art world with his drawings which consist of simple strokes which metamorphose between cartoon and graffiti. He uses this course to reflect on, and react to, actual themes not only in society and economy but also those of everyday life. He began with the stress ratio between the European East and West and his oeuvres have meanwhile expanded to criticizing capitalism, the economic crisis, religious appearances or the mutation from real to virtual reality. At the opening weekend of the Styrian Autumn, Perjovschi furnished the glass façade of the City Park's forum with his drawings. Watching the artist fill the glass wall was truly inspiring. A biting humor or irony can be detected in every drawing, whatever the theme may be - whether "Book – Facebook", or two people exchanging views on the fashion of the burqa or niqab or diesel or Levi's. In any case, Dan Perjovschi interacts with the specific location of the Festival Centre; the glass façade which is dominated strongly by its inner and outer proportions, by the see and be seen. In 1984, Perjovschi was part of a Big Brother formation and he is still surprised by the fact of how some people press forward into the limelight. The fact that he himself stays true to his own form of artistic production doesn't influence the quality of his work. By Nora Theiss Festivalzentrum im Stadtpark 8010 Graz, Stadtpark

Festivalzentrum im Palais Attems
8010 Graz, Sackstraße 17

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