241010: brut im Konzerthaus sauna 2010 - Festival for extensive art

brut im Konzerthaus sauna 2010 - Festival for extensive art 15.10.10 - 31.10.10 Chaos in the Sauna This year, for the third time, Karl Kilian is organizing his festival entitled "sauna – Festival for extensive art": every two years from the word "go" the festival creates the newest and most interesting contemporaneous phenomena of the Viennese art scene and finds a common denominator, even if it is called "chaos". His festival manages to combine political incorrectness and every thinkable violation against a classical or whatever institutional curatoric concept, into an untouchable, clean position. And exactly because of this it seems to work – the art of giving back the freedom from discourse, concept, context, forced commercialization. In a comment on one of his photographs on Facebook, Karl Kilian is described as "the epitome of civilized anarchy". This could also be true of the exhibition. The political incorrectness, as shown subtitled by the exhibiting artists in WomenArtists, MenArtists and in MixedGroups is, through the title "sauna" represented in the context of socialization as well as the classical segregation of the sexes in the sauna, thereby invalidating any objection against it. The expansion of the title "sauna – Festival for extensive art" is not by chance. "Art is a virus" was written on the flyer of the 2008 sauna festival. As is so often the case when artists curate exhibitions, different things have also been brought together and arranged according to priority and aesthetic criteria. In Viennese art happenings, which are known to have a measured amount of discussion and a fastidious concept, a rare refreshing approach wants to counteract the one-sidedness or border formation: An entire institution, "the white house" is presented as an artist under "WomenArtists". At the end of the exhibition, the largest group of artists and artistic movement in the world will be established with the foremost goal of being entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The title: NO DOG! – HYPER FLUX! No dogmas, not even shrinking from mass entertainment as the Guinness Book of Records! And reading out the corresponding manifesto. Two extinct genres – art groups and manifesto are revived – to agitate against an art that has to agitate. By Milena Dimitrova Further presentations: ?MenArtitst: 22.-24. October ?MixedGroups: 29.-31. October Link to the Live-program und all participating artists: www.karlkilian.com ?Additional links to the „sauna 20 10– Festival für extensive Kunst: ?Andreas Spiegl & Karl Kilian – Opening Speech on Youtube: ?Exhibition Impressions "sauna 20 10 - WomenArtists"

brut im Konzerthaus
1030 Wien, Lothringerstraße 20

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