310510: Galerie Raum mit Licht Rini Tandon – To Spaces Unsigned

Galerie Raum mit Licht Rini Tandon – To Spaces Unsigned 29.04.10 – 04.06.10 Desire for information, dissolving fragmentations How should a demanding exhibition be designed, which – on the basis of contextual art - includes scientific methods as well as contemporary forms of art? Rini Tandon employs research results, analyses and documentations to evaluate specific spatial concepts. The artist, who was born in India and lives in Vienna since 1978, differentiates between absolute and abstract space. During the past 10 years, her interdisciplinary selection of topics generated a transparency of data, which aimed at inspiring an open dialogue. The installation positioned close to the gallery entrance looks like tangled gymnastics equipment. Some parts are accentuated by blue nylon strings and resemble dynamic fault lines, which have escaped (human) control. At a first glance, the “Transducer” drawings, created with a white pen on black paper, appear like virtual computer simulations. Depending on the viewpoint, one seems to either identify full circles or three-dimensional objects. Tandon investigated inter-medial relationships between painting and sculpturing in a work series (which is not displayed at this exhibition) and which originated in the late nineties. For more than two decades, the artist mainly focused her work on researching and implementing the underlying themes of presence/absence and visibility/invisibility. The meticulously created exhibition project “To Spaces Unsigned” offers extensive insights into Rini Tandon’s uncompromising reflections. By Leon Gumil Hainzl Galerie Raum mit Licht 1070 Vienna, Kaiserstrasse 32

Galerie Raum mit Licht
1070 Wien, Kaiserstraße 32
Tel: +43 1 524 04 94
Email: galerie@raum-mit-licht.at
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 14-18 h

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