170510: Kunsthaus Muerz Mind you, the world's still turning

Kunsthaus Muerz Wendelin Pressl - Zuschlag until 23. May 2010 Mind you, the world's still turning Performance incentives, system directives, ecology and deterioration through globalization are increasingly taken up in contemporary art productions. In the Kunsthaus Muerz gallery, the solo exhibition, "Zuschlag", illustrates a laboratory for field studies, theoretical reflections and experimental working processes. The four rooms are thematically divided between culture, risk, stress analysis, kerosene, calculations and building aggregates. Interplay in a precarious reality evokes contextual interrogation which is medially structured by Wendelin Pressl, born 1971. Contention with the architectonic space is achieved by dispensing with the on-site light sources. It is essentially developed for the objects from floor lighting or from wall-mounted lighting. The rooms, darkened from outside, mutate into cave-like exhibition chambers for performative rudiments of his work, thereby – with the help of interventions - simultaneously exuding both calculated power as well as the lack thereof. The basis for success is often geometric forms as, for example, the "Astrodome" which was created in 2006, an emulation of the dome of Rome's Pantheon, with small format photographs of the heavens applied and gyrating from the ceiling of the entrance room to the gallery. A second two-piece work, especially created for the exhibition, consists of concrete, steel and the poured forms of crystal-like mirror shards. Wendelin Pressl lays great value on analogous production processes in which he himself develops, or at least adapts, everything, an example being the two fragile towers, created in 2010 from sawn up table tops piled one upon the other and mounted on white plinths. Visitors are pressed to comprehend ironic references by the artist, together with their meanings. In doing so, the desire for lightness can deflect from the actual depth of the artistic results. With this formal sobriety, "Zuschlag" leaves a lasting impression. By Leon Gumil Hainzl "Zuschlag", until 23 May 2010 Kunsthaus Muerz Gallery, Wiener Strasse 54, A-8680 Mürzzuschlag www.kunsthausmuerz.at

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