190410: Eliezer Sonnenschein – Meaningless Humanity Energy Structures

Krinzinger Projekte Eliezer Sonnenschein – Meaningless Humanity Energy Structures 03.02.10 – 21.04.10 Matter, should, have It could mean many different things: we vanish … a renowned contributor to lyric culture once wrote: full of hope one approaches spring, winter instantly fades away, it vanishes and melts and is temporarily gone. With the first word of his exhibition title, Eliezer Sonnenschein denies wanting to have anything to do with meanings, but then mentions humanity, energy and structures, and this approach: not to mean anything, but to deal with many things, is a kind of ambivalent irony and can be compared to a street light that is simultaneously red and green. If intercourse between people is to take place extralinguistic and inside and dressed, pictures and art works are considered to be the most interesting forms of communication, because they are globally comprehensive. And since the title of this exhibition seems to promise the opposite, this might actually mean that it connotes everything and nothing. Sonnenschein originated from a landscape that is oftentimes mentioned in the Bible and other religious scripts and is charged with meaning, and through which currently a solid wall, comparable to that of the Iron Curtain, is being set up. The freedom of expression and meaning also lies in the fact that the wall does not have to be painted in the pictures and it does not have to constructed in the sculptures (instead there is the Empire State Building, height-adjustable!), because its non-mentioning does not not have to mean anything – and because the artist is on the move in a different region. The works can be distinguished in the following way: for the artist, the paintings are the personal ego, while the sculptures are more the id. For the art business there are lovingly erotic collages on plates, and with this playful “also-part-of-the game” work the meaninglessness can literally fall on one’s head. The installation of seven colour-parcels, which are presented as Facebook-portraits, is a glimmering self-portrait of the artist. It is left to the associations made by the onlooker, whether the punchlines or rather the objects are the more beautiful element – what does a white playing card mean personally and for the id? The presentation of the works is pleasant and the amount and ingenuity of the works are amazing. Eliezer Sonnenschein created them during a three-month stay at Krinzinger Projekte. One can look forward to the catalogue, which will be published this year, and it could be meaningful to visit the exhibition. Or not. Having seen it should not be missed. By Gesche Heumann Krinzinger Projekte 1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 45 Tel: +43 1 512 81 42 email: krinzingerprojekte@gmx.at http://www.galerie-krinzinger.at/projekte

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