190410: Holzbauer, Kurrent, Spalt – x projects by arbeitsgruppe 4

Architekturzentrum Wien Holzbauer, Kurrent, Spalt – x projects by arbeitsgruppe 4 04.03.10 – 31.05.10 Full three fourths Three pondering young men, one in a dark turtle neck, one in a jacket, and one in a white work coat: Wilhelm Holzbauer, Johannes Spalt and Friedrich Kurrent at the beginning of the 1950’s: three of Clemens Holzmeister’s students of architecture, who had just completed their studies and with their careers still ahead of them. Together with their colleague Otto Leitner they founded the “arbeitsgruppe 4” (work group 4) aimed at designing buildings with which they would change the world. The group split up in 1953, which inspired Lülja Praun to nicknaming them “the ¾’s”. Many episodes are still vividly in the minds of the now white-haired professors, and are narrated by the three videos shown in the exhibition “x projects by arbeitsgruppe 4” at the Architekturzentrum in Vienna. Photos of the three, shot by Franz Hubmann, are mounted on the walls and in the windows. In 1952, the young architects moved into their studio in Vienna’s Fuhrmanngasse 4, where a constant coming and going of artists and intellectuals was routine and where the legendary “Vienna Group” readings were held. This is where ideas were created, texts written, projects designed, and heated discussions and excessive parties took place. Sonja Pisarik and Ute Waditschatka curated the exhibition, which was designed by polar÷ (Siegfried Loos, Margot Fürtsch) replicating a studio: photos, plans, texts, models and 20 productive years of the “arbeitsgruppe 4” are presented on a 25 meter long and 8 meter wide chipboard table. The arbeitsgruppe 4 rendered cultural historic groundwork and developed the groundbreaking concept of “living room schools” (Wohnraumschule), founding a new typology and bridging the past with the avant-garde. Their exhibitions centered both on classic Modernism as well as on Konrad Wachsmann’s buildings. His seminars at the Salzburg Summer Academy offered significant inspiration to the “3/4’s”, which can clearly be seen in the two designs for the church in Schellenberg. Their first building was already considered a milestone: In 1953, Clemens Holzmeister passed the commission by the parish in Salzburg on the young group of architects. Salzburg Parsch wanted to construct a chapel at a farm. But the “3/4’s” designed an entire church and their design was accepted and built. The entire Parsch church is a work of art, in which Josef Mikl, Oskar Kokoschka, and Fritz Wotruba also had their part. Further milestones, such as the church in Steyr-Ennsleiten planned together with Georg Gsteu followed. By Isabella Marboe Architekturzentrum Wien 1070 Vienna, MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1 Tel: +43 1 522 31 15 Fax: +43 1 522 31 17 email: office@azw.at http://www.azw.at Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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