290310: Ian Anüll – Rien ne va plus

Helmhaus Zurich Ian Anüll – Rien ne va plus 05.02.10 – 05.04.10 ® 2010 Ian Anüll: Alchemy, Allegory, Paradox The pencil tracing on the wall seems to have been discontinued in the midst of its formation: “Rien ne va plus”, written in white letters, is barely legible on its gray background, becoming one with the gray floor of the Helmhaus, conveying an unfinished work process. For the past 25 years, Ian Anüll’s work has been inspired by the famous expression of croupiers at the roulette table. A half-finished mural, in the midst of its completion - and “rien ne va plus”? The game starts over and over again: something new emerges from the already existing. Old things are combined anew, seemingly logical things dissolve into paradox situations, and, in line with the title, many of the works presented take over a surrogate function. In analogy with the metaphor of roulette, Anüll’s works are a sarcastic and amusing confrontation with social and political situations, and not so much a critical analysis. Already in his past exhibitions, Anüll focussed on the symbolic meaning of artefacts, their descriptions and their materiality. Visual clichés representing the world of consumer goods are assembled in an installation and thereby demonstrate the inseparability of the world of art and the economic cycle. Anüll frequently uses money bills: in “Change” (1983/84) they point to their past and golden days of their origin: the bank. And in another instance the delicate line structure of bank notes resembles confetti on a paper collage or it is transformed into black money (nomen est omen) by being retouched with dark colours. Anüll’s work aims at evoking associations through feel, icons, specific colouring and the targeted use of materials. On account of the simple and understandable insinuations of his rebus-like riddles, the onlooker is easily capable of visually decoding his work. The artist uses numerous types of media: paper collages, photos, and panel painting are presented both as a series, as individual pieces or as installations. The nonchalant arrangement of his earlier and later works is impressive. On the upper floor, videos are projected on the “Duvees Deluxe”. In contrast to the superposed sound track they radiate what the society of the protagonist in the videos reject: blandness, warmth and security. As visitors we look at the projections of urban outside views and wander in the dark through the almost intimate interior space. We are turned into voyeurs and gaze at things from which we would otherwise avert our eyes. In the next room, Ian Anüll offers an insight into his enviable collection of art records and the coatroom is turned into a record store, where one can purchase an Anüll-Multiple or listen to the music of the band “Embryo”, who will perform at the Zurich Wasserkirche on March 30. Later that evening, Ian Anüll and Sven Schneider from the Berlin “Klub der Republik” will perform behind the turntable. By Marianne Wagner Helmhaus Zürich 8001 Zurich, Limmatquai 31 Tel: +41 1 251 61 77 Fax: +41 1 261 56 72 http://www.helmhaus.org Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. , Thu 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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