220310: Ute Müller, Christoph Meier, Nick Oberthaler – In Passing 10

Künstlerhaus Wien Ute Müller, Christoph Meier, Nick Oberthaler – In Passing 10 19.02.10 until 31.03.10 Art as a conditional element of space For years, the exhibition series In Passing at the Künstlerhaus Passage presented possibilities of how art responds to specific socio-geographic spaces and thereby utilizes the conditions of space. As an urban zone, which is perceived either consciously or subconsciously, the k/haus Passage mainly serves as a focus of attention for a non art-specific audience, whereby an interface between everyday situations and their artistic penetration evolves automatically by the displayed artwork. Christoph Meier set up a stage-like installation made of black plastic pallets, which oscillates between a bar, a DJ-booth and a concert area and is used in all of these functions at a vernissage, midissage and finissage. Thereby the artist refers to the diverse ways this location can be used, and in which guests from the Flex or Fluc regularly get together for evening events. Ute Müller’s painting adds to the transformation of space concepts, by changing a gray image with architectural lines in a dark gray setting into the seemingly black surroundings at nighttime. The artists pursue their focus on night scenarios with their group work black pages, in which different artists design a fanzine in black. Nick Oberthaler refers to the light-flooded glass façade, which he decorated with a white curtain, respectively with muslin used in stage productions. Thereby the predominantly dark interior of the room is confronted with the outer space directly at its transition point to daylight. Oberthaler’s frequent use of Latin text is appliquéd on the curtain with an ode by the poet Catullus. Points of reference to space and its potential of inside and outside, respectively private, semi-private and public, form the connection of the works of the artist-trio that repeatedly work together, this time concentrating on an interaction of light and user interface. By Walter Seidl Künstlerhaus Wien 1010 Vienna, Karlsplatz 5 Tel: +43 1 587 96 63 http://www.k-haus.at Opening hours: Daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Künstlerhaus Wien
1010 Wien, Karlsplatz 5
Tel: +43 1 587 96 63
Email: office@k-haus.at
Öffnungszeiten: täglich 10-18 h, Mi + Fr 10-22 h

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