220210: Freiraum / quartier 21 DigitalMaterial Luzern

Freiraum / quartier 21 DigitalMaterial Luzern 12.02.10 – 21.03.10 Playing with imagination The Freiraum of the quartier 21 at the Vienna MuseumsQuartier is currently presenting 19 works by lecturers, students and graduates of the Hochschule Luzern (Luzern University). The descriptions in the catalogue differ from the personal impression on site. The audience is meant to experience a kind of workout when viewing “Wallpaper – kicking against the pricks” (2009) by Tatjana Marusic. A naked woman, at first nearly motionless, suddenly comes out of her shell and is literally duplicated. An obvious and powerful act of love follows. What is remarkable is that the protagonist does not have to touch herself at all -the dynamic cutting of the film controls the figure, as well as the viewer, up to the finale. The video is projected onto two mattresses, somewhat blurring the image, but in no way dimming the object. A second remarkable work is “Lethe (Greek river of the Underworld, forgetfulness)” (2009) by Anna-Sabine Zürrer. The artist uses photographs, which she found, and which, through a photographic development process, disappear again. The audience can watch the process on a video shown on the floor. The photographs, which no longer exist, are mounted on the wall, but they refer to their origin. In parallel, through the reflection of the light in a water jug, a diffuse new picture develops over the empty frame – a very poetic method dealing with remembering and forgetting. “Mega Buster – War Zone Children’s Room” by the Duo Interpixel deals with the interplay of image and sound. Children are playing with toy weapons. They are filmed in prolonged time and heated up with the original soundtrack from advertisement trailers for computer games and thereby nearly become authentic. In contrast, Simone Dubler’s “The Cement Garden” (2010) leads to a contemplative audio room, with sounds emerging from an isolated and only barley audible chest. Brigitte Dätwyler’s “Hier Aktuell” (2008/09/10) employs new technologies. The insides and outsides of five I-Macs are filled with gnome-like figures. On the outside they form a group, and inside they shift as Internet-based news from one terminal to the next. Stephan Athanas’ work “Fatamorgana – Kulturbrücke Orient Okzident” (Fata Morgana – Cultural Bridge Orient and Occident) (2010) spreads individual pictures to a number of frames. His works react to the passers-by of the passage outside of the exhibition hall. With “Parmigianino nello spazio libero” (2009), Charles Moser transforms the artist into an exhibition guard. Prisca Wüst and Sarah Bühler’s work “Wasser Porträt” (water portrait) reminds of “Liquid Views” (1992/93) by Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss. The performance “Genesis and the Toaster” (2009/10) by Silvia Isenschmidt refers to Valie Export's work. It is also remarkable how often something is projected (Olga Titus: Our House, 2009, Lia Kraus and Marlene Hellmann: Süsser! Härter!, 2009 frölicher and bietenhader: BAROCK N ROLL, 2010). The work of the students and that of the lecturers can best be distinguished on account of these references as well as the similarities among some of the techniques. DigitalMaterial Luzern is a noteworthy example for media art, which can successfully find its way to the canon of fine arts as Mixed Media. The individual works are coherently staged, and walking through the exhibition allows one to experience the different topics and positions. DigitalMaterial Luzern is already the third international exhibition at the Freiraum, based on a co-operation between the MuseumsQuartier and the foreign ministry. On February 25, 2010, Franziska Lingg will present her performance “En plein air…”. The performance will be followed by a discussion with Cecilia Hausheer. By Ursula Hentschläger Freiraum /quartier 21 1070 Vienna, Museumsplatz 1 http://wwwquartier21.mqw.at

MQ Freiraum
1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 10-18 h

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